MOMS Club of Powell -South
Service Projects
Membership Activities
Board and Coordinators

Our board is made up of 5 positions that hold a one year term and voted on by the membership.
All of our coordinating positions are on a volunteer basis.
The best inheritance a person can give to his chilren is a few minutes of his time each day.
President  -  Jen

Administrative VP  -  Betsy

Membership VP  -  Angela

Secretary  -  Samantha

Treasurer  -  Annie
Cooking Club  - 

Helping Hands  - 

Historian  -  Samantha

Holiday Parties  -  Samantha

Moms Night Out  - 

Calendar & Newsletter  - 

Playgroup  - 

Secret Sister  - 

Spiritual Study  -  Angela

Website  -  Jenn
The name "MOMS Club", logo, and slogan "Moms Offering Moms Support" are registered and used with permission. Neither the MOMS Club of Powell nor The International MOMS Club endorses any advertized service.