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To Every Preschool Parent

There are little eyes upon you,
And they're watching night and day;
There are little ears that quickly take
In every word you say;
There are little hands all eager to do,
And a little child who's dreaming of
The day she'll be like you.
You're the little child's idols,
You're the wisest of the wise;
In his mind about you,
No suspicions ever rise;
He believes in you devoutly,
Holds all you say and do,
He will say and do in your way when
He's grown up to be like you.

There's a wide eyed little child who
Believes you're always right,
And her ears are always open and she
Watches day and night;
You're setting an example,
Everyday in all you do
For the little child whose waiting
To grow up to be like you.

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