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Fountain of the Golden Age

Montana West Enterprises

We cradle a spark from the Goddess of Liberty's Torch - in the hope that it will illumine a world too used to darkness.
By seeking balance and understanding, we approach a Golden Age.

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About This Site:

I intend for this site to be a multidimensional portal to new worlds. Through the Fountain of the Golden Age, I hope that many will find tools to rebuild our planet, to build new age community, and to continuously resurrect their personal practice and perception in the macrocosm of planetary mission, and in the microcosm of their personal mission. I pray for God speed for hearts of light and good will on Earth. In the name of the Christ and of the Buddha, I call for heaven's judgement upon all tools of darkness who oppose the life of God's children and the hope of a new and true age of grace, of prosperity, and of kindness and mercy on our planet. May Light, rightly qualified, increase in our world, and may the darkness of cruelty, error, and lies be banished forever.

New On This Site:

In the "Gear" section of my site I am now offering Amazon's new Kindle reading device for those who like to get there reading material in a compact electronic format. I am featuring some of my published poems on my Poetry page, and I have now self-published a collection of my sayings and poems. You can view an image of my Wee Book of Sayings and see the payment and shipment options if you click on the book's title. In the astronomy section of my site I have posted new books that refute the theories of stellar red-shift distance correlation and the so-called big bang theory. In the space section of the site I now feature Hoagland and Barra's new book, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. In the history section of my site I am now featuring Joseph Farrell's book, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: NASA's Nazis, JFK, and MAJIC-12.

Last modified: May 17, 2008.

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