Robert Richard Tate
The Tate Family
This page is in memory of Robert R. Tate, son of  Homer Tate. Robert passed away the 21st of October 2000, after a long struggle with cancer.
Some of the information contained here is part of what Robert had on his website.
Robert was very proud of his father and the genealogical data that he had collected and the part he played in the Tate Reunions.
To continue his efforts and possibly add to the data,  I have been allowed to post the information here and also on the
Callaway County Journal.
All rights and copyrights remain in effect and this  information may not be used for anything other than personal use. There will be other Tate and related family information  added here as well.
" The Name and Family of Tate" 
'Covington-Hudnall-Hunley Connections"
  from Jerry Dryden
William Otis Tate line-son of Jesse N. Tate
[1807-1891]  from Claudia Kelly
"1899 Reunion of the Tate family"
"The Tait and Tate Family"
Link to website-by Betty Brooks and Dixie Tait Kirton
Tate Ancestry-
James Tate 1618-1665  to Zachariah Gilliam Tate  1781-1822-thumb nail sketch
"The Tate and Allied Families of the South"
Annotated index- direct lines only-follow numbers
"Tate and Allied Families of the South"
Annotated   index- direct line only +  link to first 1500 names in Ethel Updike book
Randolph County, AR.- Palestine Church Cemetery- Ramsey/Tate Burials
Pictures of  1899 Reunion and of  Caleb Warren Tate & Family  
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