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James Tate [1618-1864] through Zachariah Gilliam Tate [1781-1822]

For all of the Tates of the Callaway/Montgomery counties-descended from the Zachariah Gilliam Tate and wife, Permelia Nichols- the following is from Ethel UpDike's "The Tate and Allied Families of the South". This is the most complete record of the Tate family available today. The book is out of print and unavailable anywhere to buy. The majority of larger libraries will have a copy. This copy was given to me by a very dear friend in Georgia and I will forever be grateful.

Please note: this will follow this line only- for any other information , please check "The Tait and Tate Families of America"- the first 1500 names are online-in an index fashion that allows you to follow it from generation to generation, using the numbering system of Mrs. Updike's book.

As much as I would like to, I cannot do "lookups" and type out information that is not on this page. Please do not ask.

[Typed exactly as the book has it. maybe some typos, not proofed]

Please use the links from James to Henry Tate to go to the numbered index online at

"The Tait and Tate Families of America" the Tate and Allied families can be found here.

James Tate 1618 England-1665 York Co., Va. [click on name for direct link to index]

#2-James Tate 1838 York Co. Va- 1727 York Co., Va.[of James Tate 1618 England-1665 York Co., Va.

#5-James Tate [ probably son James Tate born 1838- no documentary evidence]-ca 1662- New Kent Co., Va.- 1727

#8-Robert Tate- [of # 5] b. 27 Feb. 1691 New Kent Co., Va. -ca 19th of Nov. 1759 Hanover Co., Va.

# 24-Henry Tate [ of # 8] ca 1712 New Kent Co., Va.- 1793 Russell Parish, Campbell Co., Va.

#104-Capt. Nathaniel Tate [of # 24] b. 1740 or 1752 [ 1752 was scratched out and 1740 penciled in above it]- Fredericksburg Parish, Louisa Co., Va., he signed the oath of allegiance 30 Aug. 1777 before Edmund Lyne Esq. and was a patriot, served as a Capt. in the Militia joojned Gen. Gates in 1779 in N.C. William King stated he served under Capt. Nathaniel Tate of Bedford Co., Va. in 1778. He was prosperous farmre and smitty, died testate, Russell Parish, Bedford Co., Va. Aug. 1805 md. 1st. 22 Feb. 1773 Rhoda Terry, a relative to Capt. Wm. Terry, and sister of Susannah Terry who md. Lieut. Stephen Goggins, surety at their wedding. She died early and he md. 2nd. 26 Jan. 1778 Susannah Gilliam, dtr. of Richard and Mary Gilliam. Richard Gilliam will 9 Nov. 1789 Bedford CO., Va., prob. 22 April 1799 w. Mary. ch: gr. ch. by Nancy Tate; gr. dtr. Polly Gilliam; and grd dtr. ELiz. McGee, wit. John Gills, Richard and Wm. Poindexter. In 1778 they settled in Russell Parish, Campbell Co., Va. His will 15 July 1805 Campbell Co. prob. 9 Sept. 1805. ch: Zacharaih G., Nathaniel G.; Henry F.; Richard H. L.; Sally H. Waldron and Polly H. Davis. I am at law with the ex. of Richard Gilliam dec's estate, one half dozen cheese made by my brother Chas. Tate and the cherry table to go to bro. Edmund Tate. gr. ch: Betsy Waldron, Mathilda and Susannah Davis, and John Tate, ex. bro. Edmund Tate and Zachariah G. Tate. wit. Wm. Patty, John Lewis Chews and Samuel Poindexter. re: Va. Mag. Vol. 9 p. 16; Winston Fam. by J. T. McAllister p. 23; Bedford Co., will bk. 2 p. 244; mar. rec.; tax lists; Campbell Co. will bk. 2 p. 211, 212, 213, 214.

Issue born Bedford Co. Va.

336. Nathaniel Green, b. ca 1744 md. Elizabeth

337. Sally H., b. ca 1778 md w12 June 1799 Thomas Waldron

338. Polly Henry, b. ca 1799 md. 25 July 1799 Nathaiel Davis

339. Zachariah Gilliam, b. 1781 md 23 Dec 1802 Permelia Nichols

340. Richar H. L. Tate, b. ca 1783

341. Henry F., 12 July 1789 md. 21 Dec. 1813 Gemima W. Saunders

# 339-Zachariah Gilliam Tate [ of 104] b. Bedford Co., Va. probably named for his kinsman Zachariah Gilliam. In one rec. he is listed as Zachariah O. Tate. Inv. of his estate 6 July 1822, md. Bedford Co., Va.. 23 Dec 1802 Permelia[Polly] Nichols , died inv. 15 Mar 1828 both died intestate. Permelia dtr. of Capt. John Nichols, Jr., who was a farmer and blacsmith in Bedford Co. Va. and served as a Capt. in Militia. John Golliam Tate was appointed adm. of their estate; all of their children except Mary Jane migrated to Callaway C. Mo. ref: Bedford Co. deed bk. 5 p. 347, bk 7 p. 111; Callaway Co. Mo. pub. 1875 by Wm. S. Bryan p 377; Homer Tate.

Issue born in Bedford Co. Va.

809. John Gilliam, 13 Dec 1803 md. 21 May 1827 Jeanette W. Hepinstall

810. Nathaniel Nichols, 26 Sep. 1805 md. 14 Jan 1834 Sarah Richardson

811. Malinda Susannah, b. 1806 md 1 June 1839 Samuel Wilkes

812. Jesse Netherland, 14 Sep. 1807 md. 27 Nov 1827 Julia Ann Hipinstall

813. Mary Ann, b. 1808 a spinster, the only one who remained in Va.

814. Henry Marshall, b. 1812 died a young man in Mo.

815. Caleb Warren, 31 Dec 1814 md 8 oct. 1839 Emily Hamlin

816. Richard Calvin b. 1817 md. 17 Oct 1939 Eliz. Hamlin

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