WELCOME to the home page of Henk de Vries III, Amsterdam, Holland resident, Dutch yachtbuilder with FEADSHIP (see link below), and once a very enthusiastic driver of a magnificent DAIMLER Double Six Coupe, of which only about 400 were ever built, and who knows how few still survive out there in the world... Since late 1998, this very pretty and utterly unreliable machine has been replaced by a reliable blue four door 1990 Series III. Follow this link for pictures!:   The 1990 Westminster Blue Series III Double Six
.. while Tineke buzzes around town in her alfaromeo giulia super (see link below)

My Double-Six: 1977, chassis 2F1224BW, Regency Red, Parchment all-leather interior, right-hand drive, original UK registration 1977-1997 TDW678S. Imported into Holland by Cor Boelhouwers (oops in our youthful enthusiasm we both underestimated this machine...), Aalsmeer, completely restored by Moritz Tuning (oops talk about service shops taking you for a RIDE... see ya in court guys...), Amsterdam (mechanics, exterior) and Telstar, Harderwijk: great craftsmen!! (interior leather, carpets). 

Sold at a tremendous loss in the Fall of 1998, for info mail me: 
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The objective of this page will be to provide information on this very special automobile, and compile a register with owner's stories and pictures: Please send  me  your cars! :)

The Daimler Double Six Coupe is the rarest item in the short-lived 2-door pillarless series II XJ cars built by Jaguar in the grim days of British Leyland ownership. They were built on the short wheelbase of the series I XJ6, from 1975 to 1978. Of the entire coupe series, the following numbers were produced (as recorded by the  Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust ):
- Jaguar XJ6C 4.2 rhd total 2609 chassis 2J 1001 - 3606
- Jaguar XJ6C 4.2 lhd total 3894 chassis 2J 50005 - 53899
- Daimler Sovereign Coupe 4.2 rhd total 1585 chassis 2H 1001 - 2586
- Daimler Sovereign Coupe 4.2 lhd total 111 chassis 2H 50001 - 500112
- Jaguar XJ12C rhd total 603 chassis 2G 1001 - 1604
- Jaguar XJ12C lhd total 1268 chassis 2G 50001 - 51269
- Daimler Double Six Coupe rhd total 371 chassis 2F 1001 - 1372
- Daimler Double Six Coupe lhd total 26 chassis 2F 50001 - 50027

The main problem areas of the car are numerous, most infamous being RUST (literally everywhere, as the cars were not really treated against it), and all sorts of nagging problems with mechanics and electronics. HOWEVER, the basic structure and specifically the engine, when in good condition, are superb! Note that all repairs are very expensive; while parts are relatively easy to find, it may take long to source the correct one, and unforeseen work may be encountered when fixing a problem. After taking care of the basic automobile, I proceeded with renovating the dash wood, and , while going about with that, ended up replacing most of the aluminum faceplates and ski slopes with lustrous timber.. SEE Seperate page for interior photographs....

 Check out those interior pixx!

 Give me more of that chrome and those sweeping outside lines!




World-wide Double-Six Coupe owners: email me at henk3@flowerweb.nl
(with info, pix, and stories, and I will incorporate them in these pages!)
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