My Pictures
This picture is of some of my friends on their "Senior Ball" (or prom) night. Clockwise from the back row: Jeff (what a big smile buddy),  Dave (he's really taller than all of us.  Really!),  Kristen (female, only one pictured here wearing a dress, hopefully only one wearing a garter too), Jake (also known as "The Jake"  WASN'T WEARING HIS JACKET...YOU RUINED THE PICTURE JAKE!! :-),  Andy (also quite tall, they had him sitting on the back of the chair I think), Me (Matt. This wasn't my senior ball, I am a year older than everyone else), Pat (what were you thinking with a dark shirt?), Justin (you look so normal in this picture that I have no comments to make), and Ray (shoulda gone with the bowtie buddy).
This is my best buddy Josh, he beats me at everything (my parents are quick to point that out).  You can see  by his outfit that he is obviously a smart fellow. (NOTE:  It was not raining that night, there were not heavy objects falling from above, and he does not need those shoes to cure a case of the gout.)  Pictured in the background is Ray's Camry... it was heavily toilet papered that night.
This picture is of me (on left with goofy sunglasses) and good friend Matt, we are flying in an air plane just north of Oneida Lake when this picture was taken by Matt's left arm (not pictured).  He is a liscensed pilot... I was flying the plane when he took the picture.  Fun times! 
This picture is of the Corvette I drove to Kristen's Senior Ball.  Damn that was one sweet ride!  I cannot thank my cousin Debbie enough for letting me take it.  Also pictured: Me and my girlfriend Kristen.
Here is me pulling out of the driveway in the Corvette.  You can also see my mom's Bonneville, our garbage can, the front end of my dad's Concorde, all the oil spots left in the driveway by my leaky Lumina, also you can see our neighbors rotten piece of sh*t  rear-ending my car TWICE Saturn!
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