My Pictures
This is Korrie, she rocks.  Also, she let the dogs out.  This picture was taken on the night of her Senior Ball.
Here's a picture of 4 of the girls in our "gang". They are (Left to right) Liz, J-Zha, Chia (Hottie), and K-Dogg. This is the picture from their Senior ball. At least a few of them are smiling.  :-)
Left to Right: Justin, Me, Dave.  We are three styling young fellows in this picture.  As you can see I was retarded and fogot to put on my vest.
Here's a picture Chia (hottie).  She is posing for this one in Jen's basement, where we almost always all hang out.  Mainly because there's a nice ping-pong table there, which I will point out is NOT for sleeping on.
The above is a picture of me, my brothers, and most of my cousins. Clockwise from the far left: My brother Mikey, cousins Mark and Bobby, myself, brother Timmy, cousin Stephen, and in the center is cousin Dena.  The only girl.  You can imagine what fun she has hanging out with all of us!
This Picture to the left is of (from top left going clockwise) Andy, Justin, Jake, Jen, and Annie (Jen's little sister). It was taken (as you can probably imagine) right after their graduation ceremonies. 
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