My Pictures
I call this one "dazed and confused".  (Left to Right)  Chia, Korrie, and Liz.  All apparently looking at different things that are more important than the camera here at their Senior Ball.  I apologize for the large black spot on the right, something EXTREMELY EROTIC AND OBSCENE was taking place over there, and as you can see Liz was AMAZED by it.
Here's my family in front of our house.  Pictured: (left to right) Timmy, Dad, Mom, and Mikey. I am behind the camera right now.  You can see that I am completely incompetent because this picture is so off center.
This picture was taken in my basement on New Years Eve.  I think it was 99' maybe it was 98' though... I can't remember.  Left to Right: Kristen, Justin, Sarah, Me, Pat (in back), Mike (in front scratching his head), and Josh. If anyone can remember... Kristen and Pat played quite the twister game that night.
This picture was from my Senior Ball.  Josh is with Sarah. (homeschooled) I am with Kristen. We are standing in front of my grandfathers car, having so many pictures taken of us that it was like a firing squad up there!
This one is of me and my family at the Hoover Dam.  Damn was it hot out that day.   AHHAHHA!
Here's a picture of me, my brothers, and my grandparents at my house. We all look a little nervous because there is a HUGE bee's nest in those flowers behind us!
This one to the right of me and my brothers wearing some SWEET straws that are also glasses!  It doesn't get ANY better than that!
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