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Copacabana Palace Hotel Caesar Park Ipanema Hotel Inter-Continental Rio Le Meridien Copacabana Rio Othon Palace More >>

Antiquarius Bracarense Cipriani Garcia & Rodrigues Grottamare More >>

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Brazil vacation: An exotic place


Brazil vacations has all practical information you need to start making your travel plans. Learn a little about Brazil history, and language. Find out how and where to get a traveler's visa (you may need one), weather , and more!
Information on Brazil : Its warm weather is one of the things that each visitor enjoys here;with a temperature that oscillates between 25.9 degree centigrades (78 F)to 37 (98F) degrees. Remember: greeting someone in Brazil Brazilian culture is fairly demonstrative, however with regard to business engagements, the usual handshake is the norm, both at the beginning and the end of meetings.


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Les folies du carnaval n'ont pas un temps précis avoir lieu. Ils se passent habituellement juste ...read more
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The wonderful Brazil maintains its enchantment intact from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador Bahia, without forgetting the splendor...read more
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Les activités du carnaval autour de Brésil ont lieu normalement du vendredi avant mercredi des..read more
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Brazil vacation available in French. Enjoy !
Published: Tue, 19 May 2009 06:27:57 GMT
Le meilleur pics de carnaval au Brésil. Aimez la beauté de Carnaval brésilien, surtout Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro qui est...Read more
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If you need to make a call to Brazil, dial:
first, The international access code of your home country ...Read more
Published: Sun, 10 May 2009 05:24:00 GMT
The wonderful Rio maintains its enchantment intact from the center to Barra de Tijuca, without...Read more
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If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you don´t miss a new and unique tour. A tour to "Cidade do Samba"...Read more
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If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you don´t miss the best tours. A complete article for first-time visitors...Read more
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The festivities begin on the Friday before carnival when the mayor symbolically hands over to the King of Carnival (Rei Momo) the key to the city. You can find a lot of joy and fun, not only with the...Read more
Published: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 05:11:42 GMT



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