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Tuguegarao farmers and fishers, with public and private sector support for equipment, technology, credit, inputs, market and infrastructure, can participate and share in the fruits of Tuguegarao's progress allowing them to produce more, to increase their real income and to shape their own future and destiny.

Almost 7,200 hectares are designated as Strategic Agricultural and Fisheries Development Zones (SAFDZs) for Tuguegarao, which include 3 model Farm clusters in Eight (8) barangays with more than 2,800 hectares.

Irrigation, pumps, farm-to-market roads, tractors, threshers/shelters, sprayers, certified seeds, nurseries, organic fertilizers, post-harvest facilities, animal dispersal and management, trainings, livelihood projects, disaster rehabilitation and cooperative development are programmed to achieve increased agricultural and fishery productivity to enable the agricultural and fishery productivity to enable the agricultural communities of Tuguegarao to actively contribute to the locality's quest for long term viability.

To extend the desirable economic vibrancy to the farming and fishing communities, where more than half of the city's poor households are based, Tuguegarao City is substantially investing in agricultural and fishery modernization.
Pumps & Engine Thru City Government Soft Loan

Hybrid Corn Seeds Thru City Government Soft Loan

Hand Tractors as El Niņo Mitigating Measure
Namabbalan Communal PIP, OECF-Funded Projects, a Joint Project of DAR, NIA, Tuguegarao City & Farmers Cooperative

Namabbalan Communal PIP Test Run

Modernized Planter Acquired through Department of Agriculture for Farmers (Subsidized Reantal Rates)
City Agricultural Technologist Introducing & Supervising Hybrid Rice Seed Bedding Technology

The National 6.2 MT/Ha Corn Yield was attained by the Bagay Corn Farmers Field School, a great help from 1.9 MT/Ha average yield

Mayor Randolph S. Ting with City Government Officials, Tagga Barangay Officials and CAFC Officials at the HVCC Techno Demo Farm
City Veterinarian Dr. Mobert Mangawil Supervising the City Animal & Management Project

Dadda Lake Fish Cage Project - Financially & Technically Assisted by the Tuguegarao City Government

Tuguegarao City Agricultural & Fishery Council (CAFC) Participation in the DA-CVLMROS Livestock Exhibit