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Fiscal Management

Tuguegarao's General Fund Revenues for its last year as a First Class Municipality and its first three years as a Second Income Class Component City are summarized as follows:

The increase in city revenues enabled the City Government to dramatically improve its services and facilities, creating more opportunities for growth, progress and improvement in the quality of life in the City, all geared towards the evolution of Tuguegarao City as the "Center of Excellence in Education, Commerce and Culture for Northeast Philippines". Fiscal measures included Tax Amnesty, Tax Campaigns, Capability Building, Identification of new tax bases and Database Building.


In 2002, the line departments and program managers were directed to expand the scope of their operations to increase the number of beneficiaries. The 30% MOOE cost-cutting order was implemented and reduced total expenditures to P191.48 M and caused a P30.21 M savings.

Organizational Management

The Tuguegarao City Government continually improved its systems and procedures. The Local Productivity and Performance System, Performance Evaluation System, Human Resource Development Program and other personnel programs were further strengthened by the workshops, seminars, conferences, trainings and consultations for City Development Strategy and Good Urban Governance. In 2002, the City also requested the Civil Service Commission to conduct a Performance Audit to enhance the economy, efficiency, effectivity and excellence in service delivery by the Tuguegarao City Government.

People Participation and Community Mobilization "Helping Hands Across the City"

With God's grace and the City Government's perseverance, Tuguegaraoeños now answer the call for unity. The desire to build a better place to live in is manifested in cleaner surroundings. The desire to provide children with the best possible start in life, the wish to escape poverty and to raise the family's standards of living altogether create in Tuguegarao City a prevailing urgency to make things better.

A working triumvirate of the government, civil society and business is growing strong in Tuguegarao City, because of the mutual benefits of the arrangement. Actually in terms of investment in infrastructure, trade and services, the private sector has contributed a far greater share in the development of the city. The response of people to the call for good governance and self-reliance is indeed very encouraging and inspiring.