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Sunday, May 4, 2003

Greetings everyone!!! Sorry if your visit here to Vettaville has been frustrating because of links that no longer exist. As many of you are probably aware, this website has not been updated in sometime. Why? because geocities changed their web providing features, which makes it very difficult (almost impossible) for me to update Vettaville easily. And not to mention that the MP3 links no longer work, as well as other file links. The good news is that I'm currently in the process of creating an all new Vettaville which will be located at


You can go ahead and bookmark the new website and look forward to a new look and much better Vettaville. In the meantime, this website will remain here as it always has until the new one is completed. I look forward to building a new website, and hope to provide everyone with some very useful technical information, and not limited to just the Vetta.


Best Regards... 


What's New  On Vettaville

Ron Huisen has been out on a demo tour, showing off both the Variax and Vetta together. Ron has created 50 patches to be used by Vetta/Variax owners and Vetta owners as well. Click HERE to download. Special thanks goes to Hans Litenberg for getting these new patches from Ron.


Fireskunk (Vetta Forum Member) has taken the time to create a very useful Vetta Models .PDF file with two pages. The first page is a table showing all the amps modelled in the Vetta, configuratin, output power, tone controls, channel modelled, and the approximate value. The second page is a listing of all the v1.10 Factory patches, which was posted by someone else a while back and I thought it would be useful to include.

Check out PatchWerkz for some great Vetta patches.


VBoard 2.7

(click image below for download)

VBoard 2.7 Software for Vetta...Gary Lee has really done it this time. VBoard version 2.7 allows you to edit all the individual parameters of the Vetta on your PC. 

VBoard allows you to work with both "bank" and "individual" sysex patch files. With  VBoard2.7, you can: Organize Your Patches, Create Custom User Banks, Preview Patch Contents, Load GuitarPort tone files and convert them to Vetta sysex files, Drag and Drop sysex and GuitarPort files into VBoard, Automatically upload patches into the Vetta, and much more. Please be sure to read the included manual to fully understand how to use the software. Click HERE for more info and download.


Hans Ligtenberg has taken the time to create an organized list of which amps and cabs are used in the newest 1.10 Artist Patches, VettaArtistPatches1.10.pdf If you wish to have a detailed list of the previous 1.05 Factory Patches, you can find that located here, Vetta 1.05 Factory Patches


7 New Ron Huisen Patches for your 1.10 Vetta...Ron has sent Vettaville seven newly created patch for the 1.10 version of the Vetta. In addition to his patches, you will find "individual" sysex files for each of the new Artist Patches, and a few more patches created by Line6 Product Specialist. Billy McCoy. Click HERE to download.

MIDI Tutorial for the Vetta...Having difficulty understanding MIDI and how to connect your Vetta up to your PC? Click HERE to view this tutorial which was created for those who know absolutely nothing (or very little) about using MIDI. It will help you comprehend the very basics of MIDI to get you started in the right direction for saving/loading patches and doing software updates.

Individual Sysex Files of 1.10 Artist Patches...Click HERE to download.


Vetta...Tone Evolution!

Click Here For: Vetta Update 1.10 Download


Not familiar with MIDI, click the MIDI Tutorial for the Vetta link listed above.


Line6 User Forum In Germany Online Now... 

The Line6 User Forum in Germany is officially up and running. Click to visit their website for, info, sound files, pics, and more. 


Here's What's NEW...for July 19th, 2002

I created some MP3's of the three "new" amp models which are included in the 1.10 software update. You will find links to the new MP3's located on Vettaville's MP3 page, as well as on the NAMM Update page (see below). 

(click above) 


New Vetta Patches...for July 19th, 2002

Ross Bailey, Line 6 UK Product Specialist has sent Vettaville 29 New Patches for the Vetta, check 'em HERE to download. You'll also find them on the NAMM Show Update Page.

The Vetta Forum Has Moved Again, Sorta...

Click HERE  to go directly to the Vetta Forum.

Vetta Patches II...created by  Line 6's Ron Huisen

Ron has sent Vettaville his most up to date Vetta Patches yet, check 'em out, they're definitely worth having. Click HERE  to go directly to the  Vetta Users Patch Page.

(click above)

Here is where you can find previous software update version 1.05

HD & Combo 4x12 and 2x12 Ext. Cabs Hookup Guide...

Click HERE to see how to hookup the Vetta Extension Cabs.

Vetta Owner's Manual

Click HERE to view the owner's manual. 

A must read before you buy. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Vetta Digital Modeling Amp Video (released July 25, 2001)

Line 6 showcases the Vetta in this Real Media AV.

Line 6 at Winter NAMM, 2001

Check out the Line 6 NAMM Booth. Click HERE to see some pictures taken by Horst Keller from the European Line 6 Team.

More Vetta MP3's

Additional Vetta MP3's from Sweden. Click HERE and scroll down to bottom of the page for MP3's.

Line 6's George Van Wagner

Artist ImageClick HERE to check out Bigfoot, Demented Ted, Passing Fancy, and Sunday Morning Sunshine. "They're roughs, some in only partly finished state, but they are all Vetta direct with no additional eq or effects."- GVW


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