Nazmeya's Notes
This site under construction.  Please visit again in April when it is complete.
I want to thank my daughter, Tasha (Serpentina), for her patience and help building this page.
Welcome to my dance community!
This site was designed especially for my students and dance friends.  It is a place to get information about what is going on in dance class and our immediate dance community. 
   This is my first attempt at designing a web site.  It may take me a while to develope it fully.  Check in from time to time to see what has been added.
   I hope you will find
Nazmeya's Notes informative and interesting. 

"One of the finest pleasures in life is dancing with others--with one special person
or as a part of a group. Dancing together has all the satisfactions of dancing alone
plus the excitement, involvement, complexity, and contagious enthusiasm of moving
with others. In it, one gives up some part of one's individual initiative in order to
submerge, merge, become one of the group." -- Lynne Anne Blom & L. Tarin  Chaplin
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