"Hey Baby. How YOU doin'?"

Robyn's Biography

Robyn may look all sweet and innocent, but don't you believe it. She's one hot tamale, mama! And a hell of a drinking coach, too. She coached Stacey on the finer points of debauchery before her entrance into law school. Her drink of choice is Mike's Hard Lemonade, a fine source of vodka. In fact, for a while, Andre only knew her as "that girl that drinks mike's all the time."

While she may be an awesome drinking coach, Robyn is a horrible dancer. This doesn't stop her from dancing, it only makes it more fun to watch. She has found a dancing partner in Andre, another truly horrible dancer. They got the moves, baby, they got the motion, and are experts in "The Flamingo," "Eyes", and "The Charlie Brown." She also likes happy, fun songs, like "Seasons in the Sun," "One Tin Soldier," and "I Don't Like Mondays." Just don't point out the lyrics, cause that'd spoil her fun.

Robyn's been all over God's green earth, as well as some of the not so green parts. She's lived in Victoria, Salisbury, Fredericton, and has recently visited Greece before heading to The Beach. As a result, she has picked up an interesting vocabulary; work on the Robyn-English dictionary continues as we speak. Unfortunately, she can't spell worth a lick. But she makes up for it with phrases like, "Boy, she looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet!" We assume she did well in Greece, cause when she talks, it's all Greek to us.

Robyn may no longer be up for grabs, but she's still up for grabbing, and is always up for a quick, "Hey baby, how YOU doin'?" Her birth date is April 2, 1974. If you're nice, she'll give you a birthday dance.

Robyn is most like the real Survivor Gretchen.