Download version (or older versions) with support for the new Zone.

The download is only 500 KB in size which takes about 2 minutes to download over a 56k dial-up connection.

There is also a TOC version here as well, supporting up to 256 players (single or double-elim) with 150 tables. Works very will with Rapid-Assign too where you have the list of invitees as your friends.

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This bracket tool is the first to feature:

  • Customisable formats, including table allocations.

  • Automated posting direct into lobbies.

  • 128 (and 256!) player double-elim formats.

  • Rapid-Assign two click sign-ups.

  • Triple-elimination format.

  • Support for two teams of two at a table (ie. for Spades, Hearts & Euchre).

  • Automated boot timers.

  • Shrinking of brackets when closing to show where byes are.

  • Match timers and reminders.

  • Automated 2nd round byes (except EZAssign AFAIK!).

  • Integrated macro capabilities.

  • World-wide time-zone selectable times.

  • Banned player management.

  • Auto-capitalisation of posted names.

  • And support for 256 player/250 table TOC tournaments too!

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We would like to thank the few hosts out there that helped us out with the early versions of this program and has helped make it what it is today. We are now receiving much more feedback and will be taking all comments into consideration. Thanks to all of you for your support.

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