How to Use Nojoks Tourney Bracket: Macros

Triple-Elim Format

Introduced in version is the triple-elimination format. This little section explains how the triple-elim format works.

Table Assignments

Triple-elim introduces its own method for table assignments. In rounds 2 onwards, all players who have not lost a game are seated in the left hand column in the room. Players who have only lost one match are seated in the middle column of tables, and the players who have lost two matches are seated at the right side of the room.


The winner of the winner's bracket (ie. the winner of the two final players who haven't lost a match) goes on to play in the Grand Final (which will be a long wait). Maybe, depending on the host's discretion, allow the player to play elsewhere while waiting for the other brackets to finish. The loser of the Winner's Finals continues to play in the one-loss bracket.

The final two players for each of the two loser brackets play off in the Quarter Finals, the winner from each playing in the Semi Finals, for a Grand Final berth. The loser of the one-loss bracket Quarters continues playing in the two-loss bracket.