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The Noordhuizen Family Page
Summer/Fall - 2003

Summer -- sleeping in, lazy days at the pool, fun trips -- it's been a good summer, and now fall is here.  Emily is in the 8th grade.  She is practicing Spanish with Liz and was selected to be a peer mediator at school.  Leah is in the 5th grade, and is now playing the trumpet.  That first day of practice was a dooz
ie.  Jack, in second grade, is working and playing hard, as usual.  All three are on a winter swim team.

Rudy's been riding his new bike a lot -- often to Leesburg! He and Jack always have fun playing catch and playing basketball.

Liz is getting ready to take the girl scouts on an October camping trip. Liz's Mom is doing great at Greenspring. To our family and friends --be good!
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Our family at Point Lookout
State Park, MD -- June 2003
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Sunrise in Rehoboth
We all had fun planning Emily's surprise 13th birthday party
August 2003
All 3 kids were on the team!
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