Kia ora! Welcome to my web site! My name is Nick Grant. This site is primarily devoted to encouraging the use of plastic figures for DBx ancient (and fantasy) wargaming, with other pages related to wargaming in general and within New Zealand in particular. Sorry about the spelling!

Ok, so what's new? (By the way the index to the site is below)

  • 21 November, 2001 - Work proceeds apace (admitedly at quite a slow pace!) with my Punic Command reviews, but in the meantime, if you would care to avert your eyes to the top of the eh?! Courtesy of Mike Hansen, Outlaw Productions, Auckland, here in En Zed. Very nice. Thanks Mike.

  • 9 November, 2001 - A slight amendment in the file paths - Stan Walker, one of the few people on the planet who are still using Netscape (! :-)), has pointed out that NS don't understand what I'm asking it to do! Works fine with IE! Lets try this again...

    A quick preview - Mark Ottley has just finished painting some of the HaT Punic Command test shots that I recently received. Davidicus himself (reference to my recent battle reports), Cart bearing the Standard, Cart bearing the Sacred Cow, Polybius, Roman showing the Flag. Review to follow...

  • 2 November, 2001 - Finally! Finished my latest battle report - The Second Battle for West Melton. Over 25 html files involved in this one...which is why it took so jolly long!

That's only the last three or four. For updates prior to this, click here.


  • Battles Index. A list of battle reports of some of the DBx games that I have played.

  • Bulletin Board. Where you can post messages and read discussions all about wargaming with plastics.

  • Buy. Where you can purchase some of the very figures I'm on about.

  • Guest Book. Where you can pass coment (please) on what you think of my site so that I can make suggested improvements.

  • History. Links to other web sites concerning ancient and early medieval history.

  • New Zealand Wargaming Resources. Listing NZ wargame clubs' addressess and web sites, NZ wargame web sites and NZ wargaming suppliers.

  • Painting Techniques. A few hints as to how I do things, as well as links to other, more dedicated painting and modelling sites.

  • Picture Gallery. Some pictures of my own figures, along with a few from Tony De Lyall from Australia, and Craig Barkle from Taradale (NZ).

  • Plastic Figures. The reason behind this site in the first place. Wargaming With 20mm Soft Plastic Figures, where I cover the pros and fixes for plastic figures (including tips on keeping paint on them), with links to other plastic sites.

  • Rules. An overview of the DBx family of rules (DBA, DBM, HOTT), and also my own science fiction rules (SciFight) for downloading.

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    I hope you enjoy my site, and if you have any questions, please e-mail me, or better yet, fill out my guestbook.

    And now onto Wargaming With 20mm Soft Plastic Figures...

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