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Important Announcement
Yahoo! has decided to close GeoCities on 26 October 2009.
Therefore, all of my family history pages that have been accumulating
for more than a decade will no longer be available at www.oocities.org/ohhitroy after October 25.
I do intend to move some of my pages to another location - to be announced.

Descendants of Peleg ALLYN (c.1770-1830), especially those who settled in Posey County, Indiana
Descendants of James Madison BERRY (1810-1845) & Julia Ann BERRY (1811-1888) of Mason Co., KY and Daviess & Henry Co., Indiana
Descendants of William BORLAND (1703-1779) who emigrated from Lanarkshire Scotland and settled in Orange/Ulster Co., New York c.1729
Descendants of Samuel BOTTOMLEY & Sarah SHAW. Originally from England, they settled in Posey County, Indiana c.1842
Descendants of Philip CLARKSON & Sarah POWELSON who moved from Somerset Co., NJ to Ovid, Seneca County, New York in 1820 and their son, David Clarkson who settled in Northville, Wayne County Michigan
Descendants of David DEAN (1763-1838) & Phebe BORLAND (1765-1831) [Phebe's maiden name was long thought to be SWEEZEY] as well as other Dean Family History of early New York and Michigan
Includes: Bennett Luther Dean - Diaries: 1902-1921 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Descendants of George Sipes DOWELL of Jasper County, Illinois. Especially family of his daughter Dorcas Dowell 1848-1881 who married George W. Huffman
And also Mallon, Murthy & McCarty of Massachusetts and Wisconsin
Descendants of Asa JOY & Mary BLANCHARD as well as their son Bennett JOY (m. Sally WOOD) of Plainfield, MA and Monroe & Wayne Co., New York and Wayne Co., Michigan
Descendants of Johann Bartel LEIST of Baden and Wisconsin
Descendants of Benjamin Parsons MILLS (1817-1881) & Elisabeth SHOCKLEY (1818-1886) of Maryland and Ripley Co., Indiana
Descendants of James KNIGHT of England and Indiana
Info on PEAD/PEED/etc. surname worldwide
Family of Johann Philipp SCHMDIT (1824-1913) & Anna Margaretha ZIMMERMAN (1823-1889) who immigrated from Uberau, Hesse-Darmstadt to Posey County, Indiana about 1854-55
Searching for parents of Phebe SWEEZEY (c.1765-c.1830/32) of Orange Co., New York
New info says she is really Phebe BORLAND (1765-1831), a daughter of William Borland and Tabitha McNeal or Orange County, New York
Document Archives
I plan to ad an index of the family documents that I have along with a description of each
Photo Archives
I plan to ad an index of the family photographs that I have along with a description of each
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