by Daleok357

Some of you have been wanting to read my stories.  Well here is your chance!  I have built this web site so the stories can be easy for every one to get to and enjoy. As I write more I will be adding pages. This home page will contain links to and a brief description of each story. Remember I write to please myself! Some of the stories may not be your cup of tea, so if you don't like one check out the next one. Please also keep in mind that every thing on this site is 'COPY RIGHTED' material. So with all that said here they are......ENJOY!!!!

The Rabbit 
by Daleok357

a story of the beginning of an adult nursing relationship.

A Two Way Switch
by Daleok357

a couple wants a child and takes action to have one. But there is a twist!

The Ranch House  
by Daleok357

a poem (by yours truly) about a fantasy relationship made possible by the internet. 

Amid Fire and Ice
by Daleok357

a poem about that one night of bliss. by S. Dale Seawright

Buying a Bra
Just a poem that some one sent me in the e-mail. I have no idea who wrote this. It was not me, but I wish it had been. To whom ever wrote this did very well. You have captured the very feeling that I think most men feel when confronted with this situation!....BRAVO!!!!!

by Daleok357

Just a little essay on aging!

"Alzheimer's Disease"
by Daleok357

Just my $0.02 worth!

"Sarah Shows"
by Daleok357

This is based on a one time happening from my childhood. Yes, at ten years of age I was on the roof and, yes, I did see through the next-door neighbors window. From that point on I let my imagination run free!

"Winter: 2005"
by  Daleok357

Just a little essay I hope you will find amusing!


  "This  site  is  under  construction!!"  
(and most likely always will be)

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