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I'm Mike, also known as The ^^Wav Master~~ on the Web.

I am 44, and have been divorced for nearly ten years. I am the custodial parent of a lovely daughter and we enjoy spending our time together, riding our motorcycles and going to the mountains in the summer. We also enjoy riding roller coasters and I take her fishing when I can, she likes to go fishing, but she really hates those gooey, slimy, wiggly worms. She won't take the fish off the hooks either, but I enjoy the time we spend together no matter what we're doing.

As you can tell, I write poetry and I have won several awards, some of which are mentioned with their perspective poems. I have written for nearly 25 years, but rarely shared them with others until a few years ago. My site has won several awards for excellence in design, content, and ease of use and I am proud to display them on my awards pages.

My favorite color is blue, and my favorite song is "Un-chained Melody". I listen to mostly Country Music, although a lot of Classical Music seems to echo from my stereo. Actually, I prefer music that has few if any words. I'd rather just listen to the melody and let my mind relax and wander.

Sunrises and sunsets are among my favorites, too. Natural scenes where one can sit in awe at the beauty of nature and contemplate the meaning of existence. I hope you enjoy the poetry that I have selected to include here.

I've tried to make the pages easy to navigate, you can use the links at the bottom of the pages to move from one poem to another or return to the "Poetry Index" to select the poems you wish to read. Don't worry about getting stuck in frames or getting lost, I don't use frames and all the links that take you outside my Website will open a new window.

Most of the graphics you find on my pages are my own too. I hope you find these pages to your liking and will share them with your friends. If you have any suggestions or comments, there are links on almost every page where you can send me an e-mail or sign and view the Guest Book. Thanks for paying my site a visit and hope to see you again soon.

May you enjoy your journey into:

"The Periphery of Emotion"

"Impressions of Life", "Expressions of the Heart", and "Fragments of Time",
presented as "Words on Paper".

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