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XLVIII Con. Pat. (2006-2010)

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  1. Prayers and obeisances.
  2. Introduction & History
  3. News highlights
  4. Factoids
  5. Constitution
  6. Inauguration of the 48th Congress: June 30, 2006
  7. Annual messages to Congress: June 27, 2003; June 25, 2004; June 24, 2005
  8. Political Parties in Patria
  9. The Akashic Record News from Patria & Congressional Record, updated regularly
  10. Ministry of External Affairs
  11. Patrienish language page
  12. Ministry of Dharma
  13. Divine Mother's Home Page
  14. Pop Culture Page
  15. Explore Castoropolis (Kashipura), Patria's capital city
  16. Patria Post Patria's snail-mail postage stamps.
  17. The Patrienish Hockey League
  18. Election Day 2006 Party allocations in the 48th Congress.
  19. E-mail and snail-mail contacts

Om Namah Shivaya

Radha & Krishna

! namaao Bagavato vaasaudovaaya
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
Salutations to Lord Krishna. Thy will be done, not mine.

yaa dovaI sava-BaUtoYau dyaa$poNa saMisqata . namastsyaO namastsyaO namastsyaO namaao nama: ..
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Dayarupena Samsthita
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.
Salutations again and again to the Goddess (Devi) who abides in all beings in the form of compassion.

sarasvatI namastuByaM vardo kamaruipiNa . ivaVarmBaM kirYyaima isaiwBa-vatu mao sada ..
Saraswati namastubhyam varade kamarupini
vidyarambham karishyami siddhirbhavatu me sada.
O Mother Saraswati, my humble prostrations to Thee who art the fulfiller of all my wishes. I start my studies with the request that Thou wilt bestow Thy blessings on me.

yayaa ivanaa jaga%savaM- XaSvajjaIvanmaRtM Bavaot\ . &anaaiQadovaI yaa tsyaO sarsva%yaO namaao nama: ..
Yaya vina jagatsarvam shashvajjivanmritam bhavet
jnanadhidevi ya tasyai saraswatyai namo namah.
But for Thee the whole world would appear lifeless. Thou art the presiding deity of knowledge. Salutations to Thee, O Goddess of learning.

Bapuji Salutations to "Bapuji" Swami Sri Kripalvananda (1913-1981). vasauQaOva kuTumbakma\ Vasudhaiva kutumbakam - the world is one family.

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Jai Bhagwan

Hello! Saluí! Namasté! Jai Bhagwan! ("I bow to the divine within you.") With the blessings of Ganesha, Saraswati, Shiva, Krishna, Radha, Rama, Sita and all the Devas and Devis, welcome to the Internet home of the Inner Realm of Patria, or in Sanskrit Antarbhumi Ramrajya. Patria, unlike some other micronations or virtual nations, has never formally issued a declaration of secession from a macronation, i.e. a "real" country such as Canada (the macronation with which Patria has enjoyed a special relationship since 1867), and does not claim a physical area such as a few city blocks in Toronto - although back in the 1970's there had been visions of it occupying an impressive chunk of real estate, possibly in Central Asia, having a population almost that of Canada, and even claiming a colonial empire. Rather, Patria is an "Inner Realm" that exists anywhere you want it to be and is accessible to anyone through meditation and sadhana (yoga practices). Patria was established as a sovereign, independent realm on June 30, 1818, (an auspicious date in a previous lifetime of this site's creator) although its recorded history - then known as the Republic of Castoria - began in 1972-73 when as an 8th-grader at Toronto's Forest Hill Junior High, Michael Brooker needed a diversion to help survive his home-room class, and later to survive high school and being a teenager in the (ugh!) 1970s. In those days, the names "Republic of Castoria" and "Patria" were used interchangeably, but "Castoria" fell out of favour circa 1978, surviving today only in the name of the capital city, Castoropolis. Once a liberal, secular republic, Patria underwent a profound and powerful spiritual transformation (known popularly as the "Dharmic Revolution") beginning in late 1989, sparked in part by the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. Since 1992 Patria has been a de facto Hindu theocracy, nurturing and propagating the teachings of Sanatan Dharma ("sanatan" = eternal; "dharma" = truth or righteousness, but is difficult to translate literally), as taught in the Vedic scriptures, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as in Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of ahimsa (nonviolence), and commonly referred to in the West as "Hinduism", although the Constitution of Patria recognizes a First Amendment-type guarantee of religious/spiritual tolerance.

Like some other Micronations such as Talossa and New Worcester Kingdom, Patria was hatched in the mind of an adolescent boy. But unlike most micronations, its originator has never assumed the role of King, President for Life or Grand Phoo-bah. In fact, there is no King, President or other human-incarnation head of state (elected or otherwise) in Patria. As Ramrajya or a Divine Kingdom, a deity of the Hindu pantheon and an aspect of the Divine Mother, Saraswati -- Goddess of learning, speech, language, music and the arts -- is the Queen, Protectress and Patron Goddess of Patria. All executive and legislative powers are vested in the Congressus Patriaë, a 333-seat legislature elected to a four-year term. On April 15, 2006 elections were held for the 48th Congressus Patriaë (XLVIII Con. Pat.), inaugurated on June 30, 2006 for a term ending June 30, 2010. The party holding a plurality of seats is a the Amrita Party, a party devoted to the worship and teachings of the "hugging saint" Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma). During the 47th Congress the Amrita Party merged with the former Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM), a Hindu nationalist/revivalist party similar to India's Bharatiya Janata Party. Although in previous Congresses, Mr. Brooker had assumed the role of Patria's de facto Head of Government (without ever claiming the title of Prime Minister), in the 48th Congress, as in the 47th, that function will for all practical purposes be fulfilled by Amma, in her role as House Leader of the Amrita Party. Mr. Brooker serves as an Amrita Congressman in the 48th Congress, representing the city of East Castoropolis, Caesarea. Other parties include the Chakra Party, a New Age party, which is a sometimes uneasy ally of the SRM and Amrita but more often than not its chief rival, using the slogans "Transformation, not Transcendence!" and "no Gurus, just right!", National Union a rightist, law-and-order party that once billed itself as "The Man's Party! Forged in the fire! Tungsten Tough! Testosterone in your balls=NU on your ballot!", Lilith Party "The Grrrrrls party!", Libertarian Party "Less government, more freedom!", Social Democrats and Progressive Labour (leftist/pinko-sympathizing), Green Party (the usual motley crew of left-wing tree-huggers), Rationalist Party (promotes atheism and the philosophy of Objectivism, based on the writings of Ayn Rand), Party for Personal Responsibility (a one-trick pony: pay down the deficit, cut social spending, plus a dose of personal responsibility), Jungle Party (a smack-talking personality cult for fans of Jim Rome), Family Values Party ("Healthy, happy, heterosexual!") and about 20 others. Unlike Canada, Australia, the U.S. and U.K., but like most of the democratic world, election is by proportional representation, so virtually any fringe party is guaranteed one or two seats in Congress.

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News, Current Events & Congressional Record


On April 17, 2010 Patria will elect a new Congress, the 49th Congressus Patriaë (XLIX Con. Pat.). A new blog site has been established, where you can follow the 49th Congress campaign trail. This page will also serve as Patria's temporary home page while Patria seeks a new website host once Yahoo kills off Geocities.

XLVIII Con. Pat. Election - April 15, 2006:

Amrita Party The Amrita Party won 88 seats (or about 26% of the popular vote), well ahead of the National Union's 70 seats (21% of popular vote). The Chakra Party holds 48 seats and by necessity will form a coalition with the Amrita Party. The Amrita and Chakra Parties will get enough votes to ratify their agenda from the Green Party (24 seats), Lilith Party (16 seats), Progressive Labour (19 seats) and Social Democrats (11 seats). The lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key National Union will once again have to settle for being the official opposition party in the 48th Congress, as they were in the 46th and 47th. The Parties Page highlights all the major parties represented in the 48th Congressus Patriaë.

Although as noted in the introduction above, Patria is not strictly speaking "secessionist" (in fact, one could argue that Canada seceded from Patria in 1867), as of September 1998, Patria is a member of the League of Secessionist States (LOSS).

"State of the Realm" Messages
Similar to the U.S. President's annual State of the Union speech, this message is delivered on the final day of the annual session of Congress and highlights legislative achievements of the past year. Read the texts of the 2003 message, concluding the First Session of the 47th Congressus Patriaë (1·XLVII, 2002-03), the 2004 message delivered at the closing of the 2003-04 session, and the 2005 message concluding the 2004-05 session.

Patria-Réunion Treaty signed
In November 2000 the 46th Congressus Patriaë and the Moderative Branch of the Holy Empire of Réunion concluded a Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Regard. Read it here (in PDF format; requires Adobe Acrobat viewer).

For news about Patria's international relations and citizenship, click on the Ministry of External Affairs page.

Patria Post Page
Patria Post/Ramrajya-Dak has launched a stamp page. View some of Patria's snail-mail stamps here!

Hot-button issues in Patria in 2009-2010: Top of Page

A few ready-reference factoids about Patria:

Federal structure: Consists of 13 Precincts: Aeolia, Ambrosia, Antioch, Arboria, Caesarea, Canardière, Centralia, Fredonia, Haldimania, Lazuria, Mauretania, Nova Columbia, Pottsylvania. Plus a Federal District of Castorpolis (cf. District of Columbia, Union Territory of Delhi, or Australian Capital Territory). The Ministry of External Affairs of Patria strongly favours separating Ottawa from Ontario and Hull from Québec, to create a Canadian National Capital Region/Région de la capitale nationale.

Queen and Ceremonial Head of State: Saraswati Devi.

Extra-Territorial or colonial claims: Madagascar and the Spratly Islands. These claims date from shortly after 1818 and have never been contested by any other country, so they must be kosher. The Madagascar claim, however, was abandoned in the early 1980's after Congress failed to ratify a constitutional amendment that would have made the tenrec (a small hedgehog-like mammal found only in Madagascar) Patria's national animal.

Capital City: Castoropolis (in Sanskrit: Kashipura), a purpose-built capital city containing elements of Washington, DC, Canberra, Brasilia and New Delhi in its street layout and topography.

Official languages: English [de facto working language], Sanskrit [spiritual lingua franca], Patrienish, a quasi-Romance/Indo-European based language, with many Sanskrit borrowings. If you are interested in learning Sanskrit, visit the American Sanskrit Institute. For a diagram of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet (Devanagari script) click here. "Shusha", a free Devanagari Windows True Type font for Sanskrit and Hindi, may be downloaded here. The Sanskrit text on this page and on Patria's other web pages was typed with the "Shusha" font.

Currency: Patrienish Rupee (RsPat.) $1.00 U.S. = 37.5 RsPat at the official exchange rate. Better (or sometimes worse) exchange rates, not pegged to the USD are usually available on the black market.

National Anthem: "Ma'oz Tzur", a traditional Hebrew Hanukkah song. Listen to a MIDI version here. Or you can view the musical notation. An English version, "Rock of Ages", (not to be confused with Christian hymn) has the following traditional lyrics:

Rock of Ages, let our song praise Thy saving power.
Thou amidst the raging foes wast our sheltering tower.
Furious they assailed us,
But Thine arm availed us.
And Thy word broke their sword,
When our own strength failed us.
The Patrienish lyrics are as follows:

Ramrajya, illíx stotríx Tía shaktí laüdaquämi.
Apí rudríxæ shatríxæ bhuvís nostríen raxxatí.
Rudríx nosím assilínt
Tía ashtrí íllím fecafugít.
Tía shastrí brít íun gladí
Í svaní balí fallaxít.
Flag: Officially adopted Jan. 25, 1973 by the 39th Congress, retroactive to 1818:
flag A tri-colour similar to the Jamaican flag, but with red, white and blue where Jamaica's flag has green, gold and black respectively. Looks like Scotland's St. Andrew's Cross, but with red instead of blue in the upper and lower quadrants.

Ensign: Adopted July 17, 1992 by the 44th Congress
ensign The "Om" symbol in saffron-orange centered in the fly is recognized as the symbol of yoga and Hinduism.

Motto: AQUILA CUM COLUMBA VOLAT ("The eagle flies with the dove"; from lyrics of Stephen Stills song Love the One You're With, translated into Latin.)

Coat of Arms: Shield/Escutcheon: Bleu Celeste, a dove volant Argent, in the beak a sprig of olive Vert; issuant from the base a demi-sun in its splendour Or, having 13 rays Or, upon which is charged the Omkara ("Om") device Sable; on a chief a saltire Argent, per Gules and Azure (i.e. the flag of Patria, see above for non-heraldic description).
Crest: On a wreath Argent and Sable, a bald eagle Proper.
Supporters: Dexter (i.e. viewer's left): A female South Asian Indian representing the Divine Mother, wearing a sari and supporting in exterior hand the Trishula (trident) of Shiva. Sinister (i.e. viewer's right): A male Canadian hoser-type or Voyageur, the symbol of Mike Brooker's Alma Mater Laurentian University, wearing a lumberjack flannel shirt, jeans and toque, and supporting in exterior hand a paddle. (beauty, eh? :-)
Motto: See above, Sable on a scroll Argent.

National Holidays: Flag Day, January 25; Election Day, every 4th year on the 3rd Saturday of April (April 15, 2006, April 17, 2010); Independence Day & Inauguration Day of new Congress, June 30; Initiation Day or Dharma Day, July 17. Other holidays (Shiva Ratri, Janamashtami, Guru Purnima, Diwali, etc.) are celebrated according to the Hindu lunar calendar; the Gregorian calendar dates vary from year to year.

Flower: Sacred Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

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