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"The Danny Series"

A Family Affair {MF/mf}
A Poolside Spanking {F/m}
Heather Babysits {fff/m}
The Parent-Teacher Conference {F/m}
Danny's New Doctor {F/m}
The Shopping Trip {F/fm}
Show Me Yours {F/fm}
The Trouble With Teasing {F/m}
Incomplete Assignments {F/m}
The Guest Speaker {F/m}
Daydreams And Volcanos {FFF/m}
Happy Birthday Danny {F/m}
Easter Surprise {F/fm}
Trick or Treat Danny {F/m}
To Danny, Love Mommy  New 10/24
Panties on The Catwalk
Schools Out For The Summe
r (F/m)New10/24
Ashley's New Panties {F/f}
Daughter Dearest {F/f}
Eavesdropping {F/f}
Flashing Panties {FF/f}
Jason's Fall {F/m}
Patterns {F/m}
A Perfect Plan {F/m}
Play Ball {F/m}
The Span K Ranch {F/f}
A Study In Discipline {M/f}
Shannon's Story {F/f}
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    When I was about ten years old, I saw one of my friends get spanked by her mother.  I had never seen anything like it and I was as excited as I was terrified.  From that day to this, spanking has been prominently featured in every one of my fantasies, usually with me administering the spanking of some
naughty girl or boy.  Sometimes I fantasize about getting a good spanking myself, but most of the time I am on the giving, rather than the receiving, end.

Domestic discipline is my all-time favorite spanking genre.  Firm but gentle mommies or daddies spanking their bare-bottomed girls and boys for some naughty behavior, followed by forgiveness
and lots of hugging.  I think of spanking as fun so, in addition to describing a well deserved spanking, I have put what I think of as bits of playfulness and humor into each of the stories. 

     I have what has become a series of stories that I wrote for my friend, Danny, whom I love with all my heart.  It starts with "A Family Affair," which introduces the characters and gives a bit of history to the family.  That was to have been the only story about Danny, but he asked for more - what he calls
"snippets" - shorter stories that let the reader keep in touch with what is going on in the lives of Danny, his stepsister, Heather, and his stepmother, Kelly.  Although the stories are fictional, Danny is real.  A father was included in the first story, but he was too mean to keep around, much like Danny's own
father, so he was quickly excluded from the fun.

There are other domestic discipline stories, too.  At the age of twelve or so, boys and girls are on the cusp of childhood and adolescence.  They think they are much too old to be spanked and that they should be allowed to do whatever they want, which   usually means being sassy and disobedient.  They soon find out, however, that they are not too old to have their bare bottoms spanked over Mommy or Daddy's knee when they have been naughty.  There are lots of red bottoms, kicking legs, tears and pleas in these spanking fantasies.

     I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.  My email address is feel free to write to me.  I'd love to hear from you.
The Transition {F/m}
Making The Grade {M/f}
I Don't Have To Do What You Say {F/f}
The Woods
Jordan's "Night Of Discipline" Report
Mother, Son Day (F/m)
A Childhood Spanking. Not My Own (M/f)
My Last Spanking