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Angered by the Danish strategy of protecting merchant convoys with warships and the fact that Denmark ignored British attempts to board Danish convoys to check for military supplies bound for the British enemy France, made England launch a naval attack on Denmark early in 1801. Copenhagen was attacked by a strong naval force aimed to force Denmark out of the Neutrailty Union with Russia. The Danish navy was ill prepared for the battle, but still made a coreageous stand in Kongedybet outside Copenhagen. The result was a costly naval battle.Click here to read more

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Norwegian troops and sailors fought besides Danish soldiers and seamen during the period. Norway fought Sweden and helped tie down Swedish troops. Norwegians served aboard the Danish military vessels and prooved a valuable asset to the Danish military planners of the period.Click here to read more

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The British attack Copenhagen one more time. But this time lessons learned in the bloody 1801 offensive result in the British landing a huge infantry force near Copenhagen. During the siege of Copenhagen several events take place. The famed skirmish in Classens Have and the disaster at Køge, where Danish militia try to break the siege, and gets slaughtered by British veterans.Click here to read more

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British forces land on the Danish island of Anholt in 1809. The island is ungarded and quickly secured by the invading force. Denmark send a force of 650 men to recapture Anholt, but the entrenched British troops put up stiff resistance and the Danes are repulsed with heavy losses. Click here to read more

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The loss of the entire Danish fleet to the British in 1807 inspired the Danes to begin a guerilla warfare at sea. Small gunboats was quickly build and sent fort to attack British convoys and military vessels in Danish waters. Several bloody battles, great victoires and huge defeats would follow in the wake of the gunboat war.Click here to read more

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The latest and only operative Danish ship-of-the-line was Prince Christian Frederik. The 66-gun Ship of the Line Prins Christian Frederik was completed in 1804 and destroyed in a fierce battle with a superior British force in 1808.Click here to read more

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Complete maps of Denmark and Danish foreign posessions. Forts and other military installations are clearly marked. As is the garrisons and regimental bases.Click here to read more

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A complete list of the Danish regional militia units. Their locations and uniform details.Click here to read more

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Forced back into the war by Swedish demands for Norway and increasing political preassure from England and France, Denmark agrees to send a force of 14.000 men to assist French forces fighting in Northern Prussia. The Danes fight a series of delaying actions before the end of the campaing at the battle of Sehested.Click here to read more