Welcome to the unofficial site (in english) of the Armada Argentina

Welcome to the unofficial site (in english) of the Armada Argentina. IŽve stopped updating this site. The new site is at www.fuerzasnavales.com .IŽll mantain this site, however, as a full english language reference. Please visit the new site (use IE 5.0, shockwave flash and a res of 800x600 or higher). Any questions, please, e-mail me. Thanks for your visit!!!!
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AEROMILITARIA ARGENTINA. The Latest info on Argentina's Military Aviation.

Don't forget to visit my friend Max's page about the Air War in the 1982 Conflict

also check out the South American ORBATs page, by Christian Villada

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The purpose of this page is to provide reliable information in English about the Argentine Navy. This site is not affiliated nor related to the Argentine Navy. So, some of the data contained is a "best guess" of reliable sources. The views and opinions on this page do not necessarily represent those of the Armada Argentina.

This page will be upgraded and completed gradually. If you donŽt find what youŽre looking for now, please visit us later. Thanks for your support!!! We will try to provide links as soon as posible.

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