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Pet Lovers Award

These are my award winners, please take a moment

to visit some of these great sites.


Shay's World! Tia's Homepage! Babycass' Cyber  Den! Pawprnt20's Homepage! Chestnut Grove!
Miyagi Sato! Amy's Page of Pets! Aussie Cat Page! Pat's Family! Frisky's Sandbox!
Dogs I have Known! Mellsjohogda-Shetland Sheepdog! Penny's From Heaven! Jenn De Pomeranians! Kennel Twist'n Shout!
Angela's Homepage! Bear's Bark! Hope's Mom's Page! Horse Pastures! TexasPepper's Home Page!


Courtney's Pooh Bear Page!

Ddragonfly's Homepage!

Sonic and Pepsi's Site! Dingo Dog's Place!

Zanara Pomeranians!

Ashley's Place!

Memories Of Home!

Senior Canine Rescue Society! Home of The "Holiday Dogs!"

Bill & Mary's Back Forty!

Halise & Hubbes Briardpage!

Evves Home!

Kloud- Nine Shetland Sheep Dogs!

Petdude's Homepage!

Lizard Heaven!

Chris's Reptile World!

Rocket Land!

Meg's Place! Tiny & Bears Homepage!

Gritts' Homepage!

More winners!!!

Smoko's Homepage!

Sasha's Corner of the Web!

Marie's Virtual Home!

Whiskey's & Gypsy's Doggie Den!

Visit Pekehaven!

Plisse's Place!

Liz's Little Acres!

Frisky Foals!

Geoffrey's Homepage!

Newt's Homepage!

Rascal's Homepage!

Joschi's Homepage!

Tiny Paws!

Karen's Pet Page!

Welcome to my Furkids!

Honey's Homepage!

The Adventures of Nikki & Nichie!

Mimi's Home Sweet Home!

My The Cats Homepage!

Pelusa's Kennel!

Wow, more winners!!!

Kennel ConCateNate - English Springer Spaniel!


Smokey's Pets R People 2!




(If I have left anyone out, PLEASE e-mail me! I Will add your site ASAP!)


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