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That's right! Now you will get paid if you get customers. "Work" for me getting others to donate or buy from the website and I will pay you 20% commision. Making money has never been even easier now that we have this program. Do whatever you can to get people to donate or buy from My Charity Case! E-mail, tell people, give out handouts, post messages, or anything. So if someone spends $10.00 at My Charity Case, you get $2.00. There is no limit on how much you can make!

Now you can even get 30% commision if you sign up for only $5.00. So if someone spends $25.00 you get $9.00! Don't worry, this is not a scam, simply tell me who you got to buy from me (from verification) and I'll e-mail you the money! It's that easy! The service will last you a year, if you like how much your making, subcribe again!

Remember, if there is no need to subscribe at 20% commision and you can get right to it!
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