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My sad charity case
The Official Fred the Scissors Autograph!
Charity for the lonely scissors
Fans of Fred, own the official Fred the Scissors autograph to display in your home with pride knowing you helped Fred get one step closer to achieving succcess!
Save the dead chicken!
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Get paid to get customers
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The Official Jessica the Dead Chicken Autograph!
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Are you a friend of Jessica the Dead Chicken? If you are, here is the official Jessica autograph! Buying this will even contribute to the $2000 level where I won't eat her and I'll dig her a suitable grave!
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Buy both: The Official "Fred the Scissors" and "Jessica the Dead Chicken" Autographs!
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Buy both signatures and get a total of $1.00 off the total price!
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Join The Official "Fred the Scissors" newsletter!
This newsletter has all the inside facts on Fred the Scissors! It includes interviews, facts, tour of his home, progress of movin', games, and other fun things all about Fred and scissors! New e-mailed issue every week! Free 1 week trial for a limited time!More info, Click here.
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