I would like to personaly thank you for your interest in a Nothing. You see, Nothings are now becoming overpopulated and many Nothings are being euthanized. Adopting a Nothing is the most sincere thing you can ever do to give a Nothing a home. Perhaps you have never heard of a nothing, well they are a "Now you see them, now you don't kind of creature" They tend to be very shy at first, but once you recognize them and they become confortable with you, they will turn into social butterflies (just an expression).
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The right enviroment for a Nothing: Nothings don't tend to need a lot of living space. An apartment complex is suitable for one and if you have a big yard, Nothings like to play in the grass. Even though they don't need much living space, they like to be warm and loved. A nice warm, cozy bed is the perfect place to spend time with your Nothing.
Feeding a Nothing:
Nothings hardly ever eat, which makes them very inexpensive creatures. If you do want to give them a treat, they usually like sweet candy and they'll nibble and lick on it little by little so it will last a long time. Nothings also need water, so make sure you have a fresh bowl of water for your Nothing.
Chasing a Nothing
The perfect pet:
Nothings are truly the perfect pet. They don't need lots of space, loved to be loved, hardly eat, and gives you a pleasure knowing that you have one!
Nothing Stats:
Scientific name: nusquam nusquam
Origin: Nowhere, Nevada
Life span: 10-15 years
# of babies in litter: 2
Gestation period: 2 months
Nothing crossing the road!
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