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Clan History: Hosted Sigs
The Idea C-4 Demolition Krew or [CDK] for short was created  by a few members who left their former Clan [SOTG] who believed in     group unity and loyalty. We hold no ill will toward our former clan  and have many friends still there. We are going to try to be keep  things organized in a similar manner. We will be offering  participants with Ribbons for achievements and have a squad based     dynamic. This clan has no plans on being the biggest clan out there.  Hell one of the things we learned during our time with our former clan, is that when you have a large number of people in it consisting of multiple personalities, There will be conflict. Thus the reason we will be limiting our rosters to 8 rosters.
Our Rules of Engagement:
Our policy is if its in the game, it's fair game. When in our rooms we will not limit our arsenal in any way shape or form. We believe that if it went through the developers and testers as being fair and equal why limit what they have provided.  Some call this an unfair advantage, but if you know how to use certain weapons, you also learn how to counter them.
  When playing in wars we will give the option of no 203's or 79's. Just because we have the ability to avoid and counter these weapons in most cases, others are purely intimidated and can often not handle the skill level and team work involved.
We will play any and all maps in SOCOM 2, and will not limit those maps in war.
While playing with your tag on, you will be representing our clan.    There is no room for immaturity and slander. As for Team Killing...ifyou feel the need.It is to wait until the end of the round. Our Clan has a Zero Tolerance Policy. If you screw up in the Founding Fathers Eyes, You will be released.No demerits...No trial...just buh-bye
Our Founding Fathers