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Step 1: Choose anappropriate CDK name. CDK names can be the one you have now, or you can create one that has anything to do with Demolitions.

Step 2: Register on our forums at, with your chosen name as your ID. Seek out the Wishing to Join Thread Here forum, Read the All Recruits Read first thread then create a thread with the subject titles with your CDK name, like you can others have done. Introduce yourself here.

Step 3: Find us playing in US Central 6 and play with us wearing your CDK name. Just because you want to doesn't mean that you will become a member of CDK. Thus the reason you can use an existing name.  If you don't want to make a new name we won't hold that against you.  You will then play with us for at least a few weeks while we decide on your conduct, maturity, and overall attitude.  You will be monitored by our founding fathers.  If you seem to fit in just fine , you will receive an invitation to join one of our squads.

Step 4: Once you have been accepted into a squad, post in your thread on the forum which squad you received an invitation from, and you will be promoted from recruit to squad member, and you will be given full access to the rest of the forums.  If it is decided that your maturity level or conduct is unbecoming of CDK then you will not be sent an invite.  This is not a training group or a clan that wants to e the biggest. We are a loyal group of friends.  If you are found to cause unwanted drama. You can be expected to be booted from the clan.

After registering on our web site, you will be designated as a recruit. You must play with our clan until they determine you are of appropriate maturity level, not skill level, to join our clan.

The base tactics brought to the group will be modified and perfected for SOCOM use by our members of the clan who have tremendous success in the game's strategies.  If you are recruited into CDK, you have been found to possess these skills, and are considered to be an asset to the clan's total success in combat.  Your suggestions and tactics are wanted and needed for future molding of our teams, as a video gameis a very different environment than actual combat.

All Members of CDK are encouraged to share ideas with the clan on our website and ALL ideas WILL be thoroughly reviewed for future use in battle.