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PHIL Tarpeh Dixon of Liberia
Phil Dixon a writer and advocate whose full name is Phil Nathaniel Barnabas Nukie Boy Tarpeh Dixon, grew up in the Liberian capital Monrovia during the years of turmoil that marked the Liberian  civil war. Despite these contrary circumstances  I rose above the turmoil and I am  currently in my first year of studies for a Bachelors of Litigation in Law (LLB), after receiving my first degree in English with Sociology as minor. In addition I serve as 2nd Vice President of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY). Before then, I graduated from the First Assembly of GOD High School as Valedictorian while still 15. I had earlier earned the title "the Victorious" for being the youngest person to ever captain an institution to national academic championship.
I am Christian, unmarried and remain settled in Monrovia, where I head the National Students Intellectual Council and the International Quizzing Association in Liberia.
PHIL Tarpeh Dixon and LIberia's President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf discuss national issues
Question of the Moment:
What do you do when your favorite sports team loses?
Dear  Unsettled,

Boy, we have all been through that feeling at one time or another and I can surely tell you that it is uncomfortable, no -painful. 

If you are heads over heels crazy about your team, you always want them to be winning.

But you know by now that reality is different. The
greatest team can be pushed aside by minnows and even the fans of minnows do not get an upset every day.

But everything has its silver lining. You would agree with me that revenge is sweet. Interestingly, it is only defeat that makes it possible to have that nice dish, great sensation and triumphant emotion. So cheer up.

Your boys can still do better even if they are in a lower division.

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