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Hi! Welcome to my Accutane Journal, my adventure's tales are at your fingertips. The date is December 13th, 2003; my fourth day on Accutane. After a heart wrenching battle with my mild/moderate acne versus my Dermatologists will, I finally have my prescription. I've waited a long time for this. I've had mild acne since I was about 12, I am now 20! It consistently grew worse over the last few years, devastating my self-esteem. I am now ready to endure whatever this drug can throw my way. It is worth it, I am worth it; and this is my story. UPDATE 3/19/2005: I am now acne free, have been for the last year...every now and then I get very small blemishes, with the time of the month, but besides that I am foundation and makeup free. Thank god for Accutane. It saved my self esteem, and my attitude. I can be reached at if anyone has any questions! Good luck to you all, and don't give up. Jess
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"..I am worth it, it is worth it. I will conquer anything this drug sends my way; this is my story."

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