Bill Jenkins the Lone Piper visit to Bangalore

The Lone Piper

Bill Jenkins

Visit to St. Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore

Sunday, 12th March, 2006

The final day being a Sunday, it was decided that Bill Jenkins play a hymn or two at the 8.30 am Service held at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Bill arrived a bit early and proceeded to tune his bagpipes in the compound, Jean his wife and Maisy my wife kept him company.
Bill and Jean getting into St. Mark's  Church
The congregation were being seated in their pews while the organist played some spiritual music on an upright electric double console organ which had foot-operated bass clef pedals. The great pipe organ was not used because it is presently under maintenance.
The church organist
Ron and Maisy in the first pew a
The Service commenced with the Rev. Vincent Raj Kumar, the Presbyter-in-charge of  St. Marks, and Rev. Dr. Thomas Ninan, were led in by the Choir preceded by Bill Jenkins on his bagpipes playing ‘Ode to Joy’. He was then seated in the first pew with his wife Jean. (Sorry, the photographs I took out are a bit shaken , 'a bit' is an understatement, as I was not using a flash. Not too sure of the reception I would get using one, I had to remember this was my first visit to a St. Mark's Service! Seated in the first pew does have it's advantages too!! It offers you get a good view, but then you have to sit still and look attentive, especially when you are under the Reverend's gaze when he gives his sermon from the Pulpit!!

Bill and Jean standing for Communion
Later during the Service, after the two Scripture Readings (Old Testament: Isaiah 1:10-21, which was read by Sam Gnanadurai, and the Epistle Reading: 1John 1: 5-21, read by D.V. Pichamuthu). The Choir members were seated facing each other alongside with  Rev. Dr. Thomas Ninan and Reverend Vincent Raj Kumar in front of the Main Altar.
After the Readings Bill played a hymn on his bagpipes facing the congregation.

This was followed by the Gospel Reading: Mark 2:1-12 read by Mrs. Shylaja Peter, and the Sermon was given by Rev. Vincent Raj Kumar.
The Service ended with the Choir and the Priests leading the procession from the Sanctuary to the main door. Again, at this Recessional, Bill Jenkins played while going out of the Church main doors.

He then proceeded walking through the compound, midst the parishioners who gathered for a Fellowship and Tea, to play for the children who were gathered under the trees for their Sunday School. Bill and Jean joined the Rev. Vincent for a cup of tea.

Below: A view of the Main Altar, the brass decorative Reading Lectern with the eagle, the stained glass, some of the arches, and Banners hung in the Church. Pew Slips were distributed that contained details of the Service Program for that Sunday. Also Links to photographs of St. Mark's Church and the fire of 1923.

I would also like to put down our appreciation to the Rev. Vincent and Rev. Dr. Ninan for the warm welcome my wife Maisy and I received at the St. Mark's Church Service. We also would like to thank the kind lady who sat in the first bench with us and helped us find the hymns in the books and follow the Service and made us feel at home. This I think was real fellowship as we belong to St. Patrick's Church and as visitors felt really welcome.
Ronnie & Maisy Johnson