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Ok, starting over. 
A bit who I am and where I am from.
Many things in my life have changed over the last few years since I started to make web pages.  Have I learned anything?  Yeah, but not too much about page building, more about life in general.
Pnguin's New Home
One of the only constants in any of these pages is Finness.  No matter where I go, or with whom I call my home, Finness will always be with me.
For those who think a pet is just a pet, they have never had anythings as special as she.

Wow, here we go again.  How to start this all, and not seem repetative from the last pages.  I guess that won't happen.
I had things on the others that were really about me and who I am so they will just be put back here again.
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Ok, this is a REALLY bad picture, but hey..it's January in the WAY north part of PA....Had to keep warm ya know!.
Laying next to me is my baby, Duece.  He is the newest member of my family.  Actually, in December, I will have him 2 years.  I got him after Finness passed.
On my lap is Scruffy.  She was a gift to my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas.  I had her with my for close to two months trying to train her some.  What a face..she is a beautiful dog.
Okay, here it is, the Guestbook.  Note..you will have to use the BACK button to get back here.
My lack of HTML knowledge has made it harder to figure this thing out..   At least I can see it this time.
This page is more about me.
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Our forefathers built this country so that we would be able to live free, pray without fear, believe or not believe in God.  To be able to speak freely about what we feel without fear of persicution. 
If you bellieve in the freedom of the USA, please sign the petition to keep God in the pledge.
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God Bless America
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On September 3, we lost one of our greatest friends  Dale, you will forever be in our hearts
Tribute To Dale