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Poet in the City - Rattle and School Bag
by Lugi Coppola 11/05/05 (3/5)

Apples and Snakes - Local Heroes
by Cand Orchard 22/04/05 (2.5/5)

Apples and Snakes - The Graduates
by Candy Orchard 8/4/05 (1/5)

by Luigi Coppola 24/03/05 (4/5)

Farrago Indian Rose Exhibition Slam
by Candace Orchard 22/03/05 (5/5)

Poetry London Spring Launch

by Keeley Coppola 16/03/05 (4/5)

Weekend Reading at the Poetry Library

by Luigi Coppola 12/03/05 (3/5)

Poetry Unplugged

by Joe Campbell 8/03/05 (Rating 3.5/5)

Farrago Spring Slam

by Candace Orchard 4/03/05 (Rating 4/5)


by Keeley Coppola 24/02/05 (Rating 4/5)

Border's Open Mic

by Keeley Coppola 22/02/05 (Rating 4/5)

Hackney Tsunami Relief

by Ian McLaren 20/02/05 (Rating - 2/5)


by Ian McLaren 20/02/05 (Rating - 4/5)

Page vs Stage

by Candace Orchard 17/02/05 (Rating - 4/5)

Poetry Unplugged

by Candace Orchard 15/02/05 (Rating - 1/5)

Welcome to Wormworld

by Candace Orchard 13/2/05 (Rating - 3.5/5)

Farrago Love Slam

by Jonny Blamey 12/2/05 (Rating - 4/5)

Apples and Snakes - Who's the Daddy?

by Candace Orchard 4/2/05 (Rating - 3/5)

Circle Community Centre's Cabaret

by Marcus Downe, Jan 05
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