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A Dedication to Pauline Pollard
Welcome to my website, a dedication to the loving memory of my grandmother, Pauline Pollard.  She was a devoted mother of 12, lived in the city of Blytheville, Arkansas, and was married to Joseph Pollard, Sr.  He was a barber by profession and a descendent of the Cherokee Nation.  Joseph was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and lived there until he was 13 or 14 years old.

Our family has been researching our history, however, there are many missing pieces.  You may be of assistance while you are here visiting "our house."

"Wings Over Jordan" Choir

The song, "
He's All and All," was recorded by Pauline's oldest daughter, Mildred (my mom) in 1953.  I've included photos of the many people whose lives were touched by the music of "Wings Over Jordan" choir.  Mildred was a key soloist at the age of 19 and toured Korea, Japan, and the United States, entertaining military men and women, and everyday people like you and me.  Music is truly a language that transcends all cultures and nationalities.  Music, as you will hear, plays a major role on this website.

As the path of life dictated, Pauline who died at 46, did not live long enough to hear my mom sing in concert or this recording.

I am one of Pauline's many grandchildren that never had the privilege to know her, but continue to ensure that she lives in our hearts forever.

Thanks for stopping by, relax, and enjoy your visit . . .

~ Robin Pollard
"That's all an angel is, an idea of God."
~ Meister Eckhart ~
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Mildred Pollard
Photo courtesey of M. Neal
Song Playing: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
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