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In 2003, SASA members elected Nirali Vora as the first SASA president. As president, Vora had a hard time attracting students to the club. Vora tried organizing events such as a movie night and outdoor soccer, but the organization still had a hard time recruiting students.
In 2005, the SASA board members elected a new president, Manveer Rohal.
As the new president of SASA, Rohal changed the organization in many ways.
"We have hosted many activities to gain student interest, which helped the Benedictine community and the Lisle community. Activities such as basketball tournaments to benefit the Sunkar Eye Foundation, a Thanksgiving Antaksari Competition, movie nights and dance competitions" said Rohal. By doing all this Rohal attracted more and more students and faculty to the organization.

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(Members of SASA committee) by Manveer Rohal