and still, you are not

humans are creatures of apperances, we know what our senses tell us...
and so yet, while there may be intrigue and emotion in our hearts,
all is lost, for only one quality can be transferred into
a form that our flawed vessels can appreciate...
Everything is only what it appears to be. 
November 20, 2001

          Wassup, mize bitches?  No, I am not ghetto.  So, I got my digicam to be compatible with this computer, so you'z all best beware...  I'm gonna have WAY too much free time to be snappin' all sorts of fucked up pictures, and they're all going to be on HERE!  So keep comin' back to view the fucked up life and times of a teenage gay boi in the Sticks of Missouri.  And remember, friends, DO NOT SWING YOUR GONDOLA!  Oh, this site is getting a little less focused on it's originial "gothic" serious contemplative tones, but what can I say, things evolve, and so my site is taking on a bit more of a inane and humorous edge, but don't worry, wait for my mood to swing again, and there'll be plenty more angst up in this bitch.  Till next time...  Peace, Love and Candy!

~Julius Virtue
Your path, vagabond?
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