the life of MR Q.

qhelani and wife Thandeka My daughter A fine gentleman, born on the ninth of May 1977. The only khalanga in the land, the rest are resting.
On the 16 th of December I got married to the love of my life Cinile Ngwenya she is a great lady.On the 16th of August we were blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby girl and we called her Thandeka Buhe. Thandeka a Ndebele name that means Amiable and Buhe a khalanga name that means Beautiful Heavenly Beauty .
My sister who is called Nompumelelo was born on the 1st of June 1981.On the 9 of March 1984 Mvikeli was born and lastly Qhubekani was born on the 22nd of April 1987

The most special person in my life My Mother was born on the 4th of September 1955 gave birth to me on the Ninth of May 1977. My name Qhelani means "to grow" or "Perpetual" I think I was given this name so that I could grow physical, mentally spiritually and socially.It was also a way of encouraging my parents to have more children because one was not enough.
Nompumelelo,my sister's name means "the mother of success"or simple "Progress" as she likes to be called in English.
Mvikeli, my young brother  means "one who protects" or
"shield" not protector  which he does not like at all because it is associated with condoms.
And lastly Qhubekani my little brother's name means "go forward" I guess my parents where satisfied now.
The father of this great family died in a car accident.

In 1984 when my young brother was born I started my primary level at St Anna Primary School in Kezi area.I never really stayed with my parents When I was young, thus,I was raised more like an orphan. This was because my parents were officers and they traveled quite  a lot. My parents did not want their first born to have a spoiled background, they therefore left me in the custord of my grand parents

In 1989. I was transfered from St Anna Primary School and finished my grade six and seven at Nkulumane Primary School staying with my parents.I did my Junior Certificate at Mpopoma high school.

Before I finished my Junior Certificate my parents were transfered and it was difficult for me to go with them since it was in the middle of the term. My parents therefore resolved that  I stay with one of their cousins.This is where I had the most torrid time of my life I was missing my parents I DO NOT LIKE THIS PART OF MY LIFE.

In 1992 I was transfered to Gloag High School where I finished my high school.

THE PROFESSIONAL LIFE of MR Q. In 1997 I got my first job as a Primary School Teacher, I Started teaching on the tenth of May 1997 Which happens to be a day after my twenty first birthday.I taught at Bindura SA Primary school.

In 1998 I found a job at Retail outlet as a Sales Person.I was happy because I was close to home.I worked there for 18 months. I left this job because the expenses I incurred where more than my income. There was also an element of being bossed, pushed and tossed around like a toy car, I had always wanted a challenging job where I will be in control of the situations around me. but here there was no room for that, I was controlled .I thought this was not my field and decided not to waste time and go on with life.
I Had enjoyed a lot as a teacher. So soon after I had left my second job, I tried my luck in teaching I fortunately found a job as A Teacher at Mambale Primary school I taught for 12 months.

I really enjoyed my job at this school it was what the lord had prescribed for me. Unfortunately i did not have any qualification in that, It was just a temporal move aimed at raising funds to achieve my dreams as an accountant.

In 2001 I got a job as a Bookkeeper at MASIYE CAMP I feel God answered me on this one because I have always wanted to be an accountant. I am now happily employed at Masiye camp as a Bookkeeper even though my expenses are equivalent to my salary living no room for investment. I CAN SAFELY SAY I AM HAPPY, NGIYATHOKOZA

My Auto coming soon


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