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Hexagon Star quilt... sometimes known as "I spy" quilt...
This lesson is on Hexagons. There has been a lot of interest in this pattern lately among my quilting friends, so I decided to offer this wonderful star pattern in my new lesson on hexagons. I hope you give it a try. It is the background of this page. It's really easy...really!

I have seen this pattern done many ways. I have seen muslin hexagons and pastel "points", all in scraps of course!

And I have seen our local Amish community do it with black hexagons and their "Amish brights" for the points... that is a stunning quilt.

"I Spy"....  I have also seen it done by putting a child's "fussy cut" motif in the center of the hexagons and using bright primary color points. You can get many "novelty" prints (prints with distinct pictures on them) that will allow you to make a really cute baby quilt. I am thinking of doing it with a frog fabric and neon color points for my niece in college... she will love it since she is a nut for frogs... How about a "sports" fabric for the men in your life? Whatever your choice, I hope you enjoy it. I have included patterns for several sizes for small and big motifs. The 6 inch one would make up in no time at all!

Cats... yes cat fabric and Christmas fabric... Angels...oh, oh... how about horses for my sister.

Oh, I know... A hexagon shaped foundation pieced block in the center...

Patterns in three sizes:

3 inch Hexagon
and triangle for star
4 inch Hexagon
and triangle for star
6 inch Hexagon
and triangle for star
These are general directions.
Main:  Hexagon Star Page  (here)
Page 2:  How To Draft Your Own Hexagon .......In Any Size Using A Compass And Graph Paper
Page 3:  How to Quick Cut Many Pieces At Once
Page 4: How Many Hexagons Will You Need?........ Includes standard bed sizes and quilt sizes.
Page 5: Two Different Ends For Rows
Page 6: Sewing It All Together 1 2
Page 7: Jack's Chain   .......And Some Other Hexagon Ideas

If you have any comments, please e-mail me at I hope you enjoyed this lesson and this quilt.
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