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How to draft a hexagon...
1...You will first set your compass to one half (1/2) the width you want your finished hexagon to be. Draw a circle.

2...Without changing the legs of the compass, set the point of the compass on the circle and make a dash on the circle where the lead end touches the circle.

Put the compass point on the dash you just made, and make another dash on the circle where the leg of the compass touches. Do this the whole way around the circle.

3...Draw disecting lines inside the circle to connect the dashes, as in the diagram.

4...To form the hexagon, draw connecting lines where the pervious disecting lines touch the circle.

5...You have your hexagon.

6...The triangle inside the hexagon is the "triangle mate" for this hexagon size.

7...If you want to make the featured "Jack's Chain" quilt, draft a square the size of one edge of the triangle. The square size will actually be the size your compass was set at when you made the circle and the slashes. For instance, if you drew a 4 inch circle, you set the compass at 2 inches. That will be the size for your square for a 4 inch hexagon. 6 inch hexagon will be a 3inch square, etc.

Transfer the hexagon, triangle and optional square shapes to template plastic and add a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

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