Jeronimus Lambertus Alvis

Jeronimus Lambertus Alvis (1806-?) married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 18th July 1831, Antonetta Merciana Raffel. She was born on the 7th February 1812 and died on the 25th May 1857. Antonetta was the daughter of Christiaan Jacob Raffel and Engeltina Susanna GILLER.

Gen 2 Their children were;

1. Christian Berhard Alvis, born 18th April 1832

2. Leonora Charlotta Alvis, born 20th October 1833

3. Charles Edward Alvis, born 21st January 1835

4. Antonetta Ursula Alvis, born 27th February 1836

5. Hortensia Sophia Alvis, born 15th September 1837.

6. Lucretia Alvis, born 3rd April 1840

7. Amelia Eugenie Alvis, born 30th November 1842. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, (1) on the 4th September 1868, Anthony Christoffel RAUX. (2) On the 29th December 1880 married William Francis EBERT, born 26th September 1858, son of Charles Godfred Ebert and Louisa Rudolphina JONKLAAS.

8. Julia Matilda Alvis, born 28 th May1844

9. Dulcima Emelia Alvis, born 9th January 1846

10. Francis Albert Alvis, born 12th April 1847. Married Ellen Alice THOMASZ.

11. Matilda Antonetta Alvis, born 27th Feb. 1848. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 23rd January 1868, Theodore Christopher de JONG, born 14th June 1848, son of Louis Richard de Jong and Caroline Barbara TAYLOR.

12. Arthur Lambert Alvis, born 8th May 1851

Gen 3. Francis Albert Alvis Married in The Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal, 1st may, 1873, Ellen Alice Thomasz.

Their children were;

1. Helen Eugenie Alvis, born 15th August 1874

2. Allan Francis Richard Alvis, born 26th December 1875.

3. Mabel Blanche Alvis, born 19th May 1877

4. Sybil Millicent Alvis, born 30th June 1879

5. Arthur Thomasz Alvis, born 13th November 1880

6. Wyville Thomasz Alvis, born 4th July 1882

7. Ainslie Thomasz Alvis, born 7th April 1884, married Mary Lydia VAN DORT (1885-1943)

8. Aileen Louisa Alvis, born 5th October 1885

9. Herbert Thomasz Alvis, born 7th November 1887

10. Alice Florence Alvis, born 18th January 1889

11. Myra Hazel Alvis, born 8th April 1890

12. Bertram Lawrence Alvis, born 22nd May 1892, married in St Paul's Church, Miligriya on the 28th of December 1931, Lettice Tuna REIMERS. Daughter of Charles Annesley Reimers and Ethel Grace GREINER

13. Ina Maisie Alvis, born 7th January 1894

14. Elaine Claire Alvis, born 2nd August 1895

15. Percival Vivian Alvis, born 5th September 1899

Allan Francis Richard Alvis married (1) In The Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 12th June 1902, Stella Francis DEMMER, daughter of John Henry Demmer and Eliza Sophia PAULUSZ. (2) Edina Bertha RODE, born 25th May 1888, daughter of Francis Edward Rode and Josephina Rode.

Gen 4. The children of the first marriage were;

1. Allan Leslie Alvis born 1st February 1903

2. Sherlock Wyville Alvis born 1911 married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, on the 20th Dec.1947, Eunice Prudence de HOEDT.

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