Francis Daniel Alvis


Francis Daniel Alvis (1829-1896) married in the Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal, on the 28th June 1855,(1) Louisa Emarencia de RUN, born in 1838, daughter of Henricus Adrianus de Run and Carolina Geradina Van CUYLENBURG. (2) Josephine Elizabeth DANIEL in Holy Trinity Church, Colombo, on the 11th of February 1861. She was born on the 10th march 1834 and died on the 20th of May 1918. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Bartholomew Daniel and Anna RAUX.

Children of the first marriage were;

1. Arthur William Alvis, Proctor and Notary Public,born 16th June 1856, died 23rd April 1922. Married in 1882, Madaline Cecilia Daniel.

2. Richard Morgan Alvis, born 9th April 1858, died 15th December 1863.

Children of the second marriage were;

3. Frances Maud Alvis, born 8th November 1861, and died 26th October 1895.

4. Clara Josephine Alvis, born 12th October 1862,died 26th July 1939

5. Edgar Henry Daniel Alvis, born 2nd July 1864, died 10th May 1884.

6. Emmiline Agnes Alvis, born 26th October 1865.

7. Edmund Alvis, born 22nd April 1867.

8. Florence Edith Alvis, born 24th December 1868, died 6th May 1897.

9. Lawrence Justin Daniel Alvis, born 5th December 1871, died 25th February 1942. married Augusta Mabel HOFFMAN.

10. Eveyln Agnes Alvis, born 26th October 1872, died 23rd March 1927, married Aelian Clinton MEIER

11. Uraine Helen Alvis, born 11th September1873, died 20th April 1877.


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