de Niese Family Of Sri Lanka

Benjamin de Niese, born about 1730, Scriba of the Land Court at Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and later promoted to the rank of Assistant according to a decision of the Political Council of Ceylon, had the following Children;

Gen. 1.

1. Abraham Lodewyk de Niese, born 1752.

2. Carel Benjamin de Niese, born 1756

3.Frederick Gerard de Niese, born 1762

4.William de Niese, born 1764

5. Anna Elisabeth de Niese, married at Jaffna on the 8th September 1799, Bernard Christian ARNDT, Sitting Magistrate, Mullaitivu, born 1771, died 1826. Son of Johann Carel Arndt of Westerhousen (Brandenburg), resident of Point Pedro, and Antonetta Victoria de Melho. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XLI, page 13

Abraham Lodewyk de Niese, born 1752, Junior Clerk in the service of the Dutch East India Company, married Magdalena Elisabeth MAARTENSZ. Daughter of Louis Maartensz and Dorethea Magdalena CRAMMER. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXXIII, page39 )

Gen. 2. Their children;

1. Carolina Wilhelmina de Niese, born 1790, died 25th Oct. 1850.

2. Godfried Ludevet de Niese, born 1793.

3. John de Niese, born 1794

4. Gertruida de Niese, born 1798

5.Bartholdis Cornelius de Niese, born 1804.

6. Bernard de Niese, born 1809

7. Susan de Niese, born 1811, married at Jaffna, 21st July 1831, Frederick Balthazar MODDER, Proctor, son of William Jacob Modder and Maria Magdelana KLEEF. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. page 93 and vol XXVII, page 70).

Godfried Ludevet de Niese , born 1793, married in St John's Church, Chuudikuli, on the 4th of August 1813, Geradina Petronella.....unk. she died on the 18th November 1866.

Gen. 3. Their Children;

1. Theodora Dorothea de Niese, married Peter HARRIDGE

2. William de Niese, born 1822

3. Charles Edward de Niese, born 21st July 1829.

4. Anne Elisabeth de Niese, born 22nd December 1833.

William de Niese born 1822, married in the Fort church, Mannar, May 1842, Johanna Elisabeth JAN.

Gen. 4. Their Children:

1. William Alfred de Niese, born 10th August 1843.

2. Susan Magdelana de Niese, born at Mannar, 1844.

3. James Charles de Niese, born 21st March 1850, died 21st April 1853.

4.Richard de Niese, born 26th February 1856.

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