Maartensz Family of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Sources; Journal of the D.B.U. Vol. XXXIII, No.2. October 1943 pages 39-44. "Compiled from authentic records by the late Mr. R.G. Anthonisz, and bought up to date by Mr. D.V. Altendorf" and De Navorscher by Mr. F.H. DE VOS.


JAN MAARTENSZ of Suchtelsn, Ensign, married Gertruida PIERTSZ, daughter of Pieter HUYBRECHTSZ ( HUIJBERTSZ ) of Rotterdam. He had by her a son, Jan, who was a "Coopman", and who died at Pulicat ( Madras, India ) leaving a son, Anthony Maartensz, who follows.


Anthony Maartensz, Vrij burger of Jaffnaputnam ( Ceylon ), died in 1745, married Magdelana Elisabeth VERWYK, ( also spelt VERWIJK ) and he had by her three sons who died without issue, and the following;

1. Louis Maartensz, Negotie Boekhouder, born 1730. who follows under III.

2. Erasmus Maartensz, Boekhouder, born 1736, who follows under IV.


Louis Maartensz born 1730, married ( a ) 11th Feb. 1753 Dorethea Magdelana CRAMER (CRAMMER ), daughter of Jurgen Cramer. ( b ) 11th Dec. 1769 Anna Christina Vertagen, daughter of Jacobus Vertagen and Dorothea SCHRADER. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. VI. page 69 ). Of the first marriage he had :-

1. Magdelana Elisabeth Maartensz, married Lodewyk de NIESE

More about Louis Maartensz. The following translation of an extract from the Book of Appointments, of The Dutch East India Company's Servants, No. 8821D, Folio 62, refers to Louis Maartensz.

"Louis Maartensz of Jaffna, who was received into the service of the Company in the year 1746 as a Soldier on 9 guilders a month and is at present employed in the Commandment of Jaffna, is, on his application, promoted by those present to Junior Assistant, and accordingly placed on a salary of 20 guilders a month on an agreement for three years beginning from to day.

Colombo, the 24th April 1751".


Erasmus Maartensz born 1736, married Maria Elisabeth FRANSZ. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. II, page 31). He had by her:-

1. Anthony Maartensz, who follows under V.

2. Johannes Alexander Maartensz, who follows under VI.


Anthony Maartensz, Onder Koopman and Administrator of Trincomalee, born at Jaffna, 1st Nov. 1766, married 12th Oct. 1795, Gertruida Petronella HARTSZ, and he had by her;-

1. Erasmus Hendrick Maartensz, born 1796, who follows under VII.

2. John George Maartensz, born 1798, died young.

3. Louis Mattheus Maartensz, born 1801, who follows under VIII.

4. Gerardus Jacobus Maartensz, born at Trincomalee in 1803, married there in 1826, Mary Mistral DORMIEUX, and left a daughter, who married ...................Stephen.

NOTE: The following is a translation of a letter written in Dutch on the eve of the siege which ended with the capture of Trincomalee by the British, and the second signatory was Anthony Maartensz, referred to in V.

"TRINCOMALEE, 1st Aug. 1795.


His Excellency, the Right Honorable John Gerald Van Anglebeek, Ordinary Counselor of the Netherlands India, Governor and Director of the Island of Ceylon, with the Dependencies thereof, and to the Council at Colombo,

Honorable Sir, and Sirs,

Yesterday and the day before, eight three - masted ships, and five two - masted ships, came within sight and disappeared towards the evening. This morning they are lying at anchor on the Eastern side of Kottiar Coast. They appear to be English ships. In case they attack us, we are ready to defend ourselves even in the event of a siege. From the information received from Jaffna, we are led to suppose that the English intend to make a hostile invasion against us.

We have the honour, with deep reverence, to be Honourable Sir and Sirs,

Your Most Obedient Servants,






Johannes Alexander Maartensz, Boekhouder, born at Jaffna 1770, married;- ( a ) 16th Dec. 1798, Johanna Elisabeth VANDER SPAR. ( b ) 16th Sep. 1804, Susanna Elisabeth Hester MOOYART, born 15th Oct. 1781, daughter of Wouter Christoffel Mooyart, and Cornelia Anthonia DORMIEUX. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. II, page 31). Of the first marriage he had;-

1. Johan Adriaan Maartensz, born 3rd May 1804.

Of the second marriage he had:-

2. Wouter Jacob Nicholaas Maartensz, born 1807, who follows under IX.

3. Johan Gerard Maartensz, born 1809, died young.

4. Dorothea Constantia Maartensz, born 1814, married 26th Jun. 1834, Edward Christiaan ALBRECHT.

5. Maria Cornelia Maartensz, born 1818, married Johannes Michael GRATIAEN, born 18th Sep. 1805, died 28th Jul. 1862, son of Gustavus Adolphus Gratiaen and Maria Euphrosina VANDER SPRINKLE. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. VI, page 18 ).

6. Harriet Carolina Maartensz, married 5th May 1846, Pieter Henry Lucian KOCH, born 5th May 1813, died 1887, son of Johann Godfried KOCH and Susanna Isabella BROHIER. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. X, page 128 and Vol. XXXI, page 195 ).

7. Ferdinand Adolphus Maartensz, born 1824, sub-Collector of Customs, Point Pedro, married...........SPELDEWINDE.


Erasmus Hendrick Maartensz, born at Jaffna in 1796, married at Trincomalee (Governor's Liscence dated 25th Aug. 1824) Marianne ADAIR, by whom he had:-

1. Henry Charles Maartensz, married 18th Nov. 1857, Sarah HUNTER, and died in the Straits Settlements, leaving issue.

2. John George Maartensz, who follows under X.


Louis Mattheus Maartensz, born at Trincomalee in 1801, married:- ( a ) At Jaffna, 25th Jul. 1826 Henrietta Anthionia de NIESE, who died the same year. ( b ) At Trincomalee, 20th Dec. 1827, Angelina SCHULTSZ daughter of Fredrik Schultsz and Jose Baltina HARTSZ. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. VI, page 105 )

Of the second marriage he had :-

1. Alexander Godleib Maartensz, born 1830, who follows under XI.

2. Daughter, married WITT

3. Susan Francis Maartensz, born 1835, died at Trincomalee, 20th Aug. 1852.


Wouter Jacob Maartensz, born 1807, married at Jaffna in 1849, Jane MARGENOUT, and he had by her:-

1. Alexandrina Grace Maartensz, married at Jaffna, 30th Nov. 1881, George Wallace TOUISSANT, born 21st May 1854, son of John Henry Wallace Touissant and Mary Anne GRATIAEN. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. IV, pages 41 and 42, and Vol. VI, page 18 )