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Stag Beetles of Taiwan


Taiwan is an unique little island lying 140 km off the east coast of China. More than 50 species of stag beetles, family Lucanidae, are found in Taiwan (compared to 30 some species in Japan), and they greatly exemplify Taiwan's extraordinary insect diversity. This may be in part due to Taiwan's geographic location. Because Taiwan is divided by the Tropic of Cancer, northern Taiwan is considered sub-tropical while the south has a tropical climate. This latitudinal division, along with the longitudinal division by the Central Mountain Range, may account greatly for the diversity of wildlife found on this beautiful island. Mountains, many of which rise higher than 3,000 m in elevation, are covered by lush forests, home to most of Taiwan's abounding wildlife.

NOTE: I do not provide either live or dead specimens for trading, except under special circumstances. However, traders are welcomed to e-mail me regarding collecting information in Taiwan or leave a message in the guestbook.
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