Raynauds Disease, Raynauds Phenomenon, Raynauds Syndrome And Associated Circulatory And Autoimmune Disorders

Natural Remedies Information for Raynauds Disease, Raynauds Syndrome, Raynauds Phenomenon, Chilblains, Cold Hands and Feet, Peripheral Vascular and Cardiovascular, Autoimmune and Connective Tissue Diseases, and Associated Circulatory Disorders

Raynaud's Disease, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Raynaud's Syndrome




What is Raynaud's?

Definition of Raynaud's

Raynaud's is primarily a spasmodic peripheral vascular disorder (PVD) resulting in eschemia or insufficient arterial blood flow to the extremities, usually fingers and toes, as opposed to a cardiovascular disorder (CVD) which involves the main arteries and the heart. Raynaud's is most commonly associated with the microcirculation - the nerves, neurotransmitters, hormones and muscles involved in the arterioles, the tiny arterial blood vessels. The vasospasm in the muscles of the blood vessel walls is usually caused by an inappropriate response to environmental stress especially to cold temperature.

What are the symptoms of Raynaud's?

Icy cold feet, hands, toes, fingers, less commonly nose and ears, sometimes with pain and numbness. Skin color changes of white/blue/red as peripheral blood flow is reduced by the spasmodic contraction of the muscles in the blood vessel walls (the digits are usually affected), tissues become starved of oxygen (cyanosis), and blood flow returns (rubor). Not all color changes may be present or in that order nor are color changes necessary to be diagnosed with Raynaud's, but they may develop later.

There are two types of Raynaud's

1. Raynaud's disease or primary Raynaud's where there does not appear to be any underlying causative disorder (idiopathic Raynaud's).

2. Raynaud's phenomenon or Raynaud's syndrome or secondary Raynaud's where there is an underlying causative disorder or trauma such as scleroderma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, vibration vascular damage, chemical or drug side-effects, extreme cold exposure such as frostnip, etc. causing damage to connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

The Raynaud's Ebook

The Raynaud's Ebook (Chapter List) is the most comprehensive resource available on the Internet for the traditional theories and practices relating to causes and treatments, including details of medicines and hundreds of natural remedies and treatments, for Raynaud's, icy cold hands and feet, chilblains, and associated disorders of the peripheral vascular and cardiovascular systems, and of the connective tissues. This massive one million word work is the result of some 25 years experience and  in consultation with sufferers, patients, clinics, doctors, nurses and health professionals from all over the world, both in the field of modern medicine and in traditional culture-based natural medicine.

Raynaud's, Raynaud's Disease, Raynaud's Phenomenon,
Raynaud's Syndrome And Associated Circulatory And
Autoimmune Disorders

Natural Remedies Information for Raynaud's Disease,
Raynaud's Syndrome, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Chilblains,
Cold Hands and Feet, Peripheral Vascular, Cardiovascular,
Autoimmune and Connective Tissue Diseases, and Associated
Circulatory Vascular Disorders

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The Raynaud's Ebook is the most comprehensive information resource of natural medicines and treatments for Raynaud's, cold hands and feet, and associated disorders available on the Internet. The research for The Raynaud's Ebook began some 25 years ago. A huge amount of useful information has been gathered from the traditional healing systems around the world, both for the treatment and the understanding of symptoms and causes.

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The Raynaud's Ebook is a non-profit association venture and all proceeds from the sale go to further research into the knowledge and understanding of the cause, prevention and treatment of Raynaud's and associated vascular and autoimmune disorders.

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