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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: Your fertile imagination finds an outlet in art, music, philosophy and religion, but you may lack the ability to apply it practically. Your imagination may play tricks with facts and, if afflicted, you may lose touch with reality and live in a fantasy world you create. You have extremely emotional and psychic sensitivity, but emotions may cloud your logic and judgment. You're sympathetic and extremely idealistic, but often lack common sense and self-discipline. If the rest of your chart shows courage and strength, you're willing to sacrifice yourself to fight injustice. Otherwise, you simply have compassion for its victims. You often experience a feeling of religious or mystical ecstasy, so you're often involved in mystical cults or psychic religions. Your tendency to be excessive means you should avoid drugs and alcohol.
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Jupiter Trine Neptune: You have a deep understanding of the mystical and the occult and are receptive to spiritual influences, but unless Mercury, Saturn or Uranus is strong, your intuitions concern love and emotions and lack mental discrimination and insight. Your inner assumptions and outer judgment are in harmony so you should follow your intuitive leads. You often have psychic ability you use beneficially. If you are evolved, you have real spiritual inspiration, compassion and generosity, but in a weak chart, you can be parasitic, lazy and self-indulgent. You're courteous, kind, sincere, generous and hospitable to all who come to your home. You're often involved with charities, especially those related to animals, churches, hospitals, and educational or mental institutions. You enjoy drama, mystery, pomp and the feeling of being awed. Your boundless imagination manifests best in art, drama, music, poetry and religion. Your need to periodically retreat from the world can lead you to live a monastic life, possibly in the country near water or wandering around the world leading a bohemian life. You receive help from others even if you don't appear to deserve it. You should avoid drugs, alcohol or over-indulging in food.
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Jupiter Square Neptune: You're creative and talented, but need self-discipline to constructively channel it. You're very open to suggestion, so you can be dominated by a stronger mind. You can be deceiving or a victim of deception. You tend to promise more than you can deliver and may even be outright dishonest. You have emotional excesses and impractical, undisciplined religious idealism. You're kind and sympathetic but often lack discrimination or the ability to offer practical help. You tend to be lazy and self-indulgent, so avoid overeating (which causes excess fluid retention and weight problems), drugs and alcohol. You're also prone to exaggerate. You fulfill your craving for exotic experiences through involvement in mystical cults or travel to foreign lands. You may wander aimlessly, either mentally or physically. You often move from your place of birth. Carelessness in financial matters causes problems, some of them legal.
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Jupiter Sextile Neptune: You have a deep understanding of the mystical and the occult and often have psychic ability, which you use beneficially. Since your inner assumptions and outer judgments are in harmony, you should follow your intuitive leads. You're courteous, sincere, expansive, kind and mystical but often impractical too. The houses ruled by Jupiter and Neptune will be governed by emotional considerations. Although you're sentimental, sometimes overly so, you're able to raise your emotional nature to the universal level and are often involved in charities helping those less fortunate or animals. Your active imagination is expressed through art, philosophy and religion. Friends and relatives often render assistance, even if you appear not to deserve it. You need to periodically retreat from the world. Avoid drugs, alcohol and overeating.
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Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune: You often intrude in others' business and then feel resentment and bitterness when you're rejected. Learn to distinguish real from imagined responsibility. You need to make an adjustment between creative expression, emotions and intellect: these must be brought into a harmonious balance. You must avoid drugs, alcohol and overeating.
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Jupiter Opposite Neptune: You're generous and kindhearted, but often lack discrimination, so you can be deceived by others (this is karmic). You should carefully read everything before signing it. Your religious beliefs tend toward cultism, guru worship, etc. and your spiritual idealism rarely benefits humanity in any practical way since your beliefs are likely to be distorted unless Mercury or Saturn is well placed and well aspected. You may have visions of grandeur with religious overtones, possibly imagining yourself a special messenger from God. You're creative and talented, but lack the self-discipline to constructively channel that talent. You often take religious pilgrimages to exotic or far away places. You have an unrealistic blind spot in your character related to the houses involved. You're prone to exaggerate and often make promises you can't keep, so others consider you unreliable and impractical. You can be overly emotional and overly sentimental. Your absentmindedness makes you appear dishonest at times and your lack of practicality can cause business and/or financial problems. Your diet is important. You may be in danger from alcohol, drugs, fumes and gasses: the first two should be avoided.
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